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What’s in My SkinMiles Basket

Have you heard of SkinMiles? No? Well that made 2 of us until recently. A few weeks ago I discovered the online prescription skincare product shop and it pretty much changed my life (first world problems), I now no longer have to go to the shops to buy my prescription skincare products.

As I have experience in the beauty industry with a few of the product ranges sold on SkinMiles, I am aware of what products can be used on my skin and when they can be used on my skin.*


For my first online purchase with SkinMiles I picked up two items.

The first thing that I picked up is the Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel. The Serra range from Lamelle has been created to significantly improve dryness, sensitivity and atopic dermatitis. The ingredients of the range mimic the structure and function of the skins lipid bi layer in the epidermis, and soothes and calms inflammation.

Over the counter cleansers tend to be very harsh on my skin and often leave me with irritated, inflamed, and eczema covered skin. My skin is at it’s best when I use the Serra Cleansing Gel (along with the correct moisturizer).  The main reason that I use the Serra Cleansing Gel is because it does not strip the natural moisturizing structures found in the skin and will help restore the normal pH balance that is lost when skin is dry for long periods of time.

The second item that I picked up is the RegimA Scar Repair Cream to help aid my skin healing from my recent tattoo removal. RegimA Scar Repair cream is a multi-functional corrective cream that helps reduce the life span of the initial inflammatory phase of scarred and damaged skin, and it contains high concentration of wound healing, and repairing anti-inflammatory ingredients.

I will be doing a post to show the results of the RegimA Scar Repair on my tattoo removal scar, and a complete process of my tattoo removal journey.

*Disclaimer: the products sold on this site are prescribed skin care products that can have different effects on different skin types. It is very important that you have your skin assessed by a professional and only buy the products as prescribed by a professional. SkinMiles offers an online assessment tool that could also help you determine the products that would be suitable, but I would strongly recommend going to see a professional in person so that your skin can be assessed in the correct environment.

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