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My Wedding Budget With Downloadable Template

I am a novice at this with this being my first wedding and all. So when I started planning and researching wedding traditions, of course I needed help with the budget.

How much do you realistically need to spend on your dress? A caterer? The photographer and videographer? I had no idea where to even start.

The amount of things that make up your special day can be very overwhelming and not all of the things that you need to plan for, do you think of at first. There are things that you will need to factor in as the planning gets rolling.


I figured that I would need a budget where I could easily manipulate the data, be able to change values and not have to redo calculations, and be able to add items and overall values would be calculated for me… This all sounds like a job for excel if you ask me.

I decided to research a few budget templates to get an idea of things that I would need to consider and see if someone had a better template that would make my admin less complicated.

I found one that I thought would work for me and decided to download it, and I ended up adding a lot of extra items that are part of a wedding that weren’t in the budget.

Since I found it incredibly difficult to find a budget that included all the small things, I have decided to share the template that I created to help you start planning your budget for your big day.

I also struggled to find information on how to breakdown your overall budget and what percentage should be spent on certain aspects of the wedding so I decided to include that along with my template so that you can see if you are on the right track.

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