I feel like a bit of a late-adopter here, but if you’re a makeup addict like me then you would definitely have seen the Oval Makeup Brush trend that took Instagram and YouTube by storm probably about a year ago. The Oval Makeup Brush become an instant internet sensation due to the nature of the brush. Brushes have been used to apply makeup for years, but none of them look quite like the Oval brushes.

Oval Brushes promises a smooth, and even full coverage application of foundation with no streaks. Who wouldn’t want at least one?

Before we get into my review of the Urban Studio Oval Face Brush, let’s see what makes an Oval Brush so different.

  • Apart form the obvious shape difference, oval brushes have a lot more hair than traditional brushes. They feel a lot denser when using the brushes.
  • Oval Brushes are best used with cream products rather than powders. If you are someone that loves cream foundations, blushes and more then oval brushes are the way to go.
  • Because of how dense the brushes are, they hold more product and give you more coverage. If you are looking for full coverage, oval brushes are a winner.
  • Oval brushes can be used in multiple ways and are not created for a specific area of the face.

So did it deliver?

I compared the application of the Oval Brush to my trusty Beauty Blender. The Oval Brush gave me the smooth and even full coverage application that it promises. My skin tone was left even with no streaks, and the application took half the time that it does when I use my Beauty Blender.

There is also a lot less ‘admin’, if you wish to say, with using the Oval Brush. A Beauty Blender works best when it is slightly damp so the time and effort spent soaking the Beauty Blender and pumping out the foundation means that you could be finished applying if you use the Oval Brush.

A direct comparison between the 2 application methods really shows you the difference in coverage.

Foundation application with a wet beauty blender.
Foundation application using the Urban Studio Oval Face Brush.
Foundation application using the Urban Studio Oval Face Brush.

Here are the Pro’s

Blending my foundation couldn’t be any easier. I got amazing, flawless full coverage when using the brush in half the time that it takes to apply foundation with a beauty blender.

Here are some Con’s

There are a lot of hairs in the brush and even though the oval brushes are created for multi-use, the density makes it difficult to use with products that need a light hand like your bronzers and highlighters.

Because the brush is designed for cream products and the fact that it holds a lot of product, I found that excess foundation on the brush dried on the hairs and left streaks on my skin the next time I used it.

Cleaning the Oval brush is extremely difficult. Most cleaners have been designed for your traditional brush shape and because of how dense the hairs are, the brush holds the brush cleaner within the hairs. My brush did not feel the same after I washed it.

The Verdict

I am still up in the air about a final verdict for the Oval Face Brush. While it delivered and gave me great, non-streak coverage, I am still a sucker for my Beauty Blender.

Do you use Oval Brushes to apply your makeup? You can get your hands on a full set from Takealot.

Tyla van Til

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  1. I’ve not used this type of brush I use a square ended brush or a blender. It looks good the coverage in your photos but if it has residue which then streaks and difficult to clean that would put me off a bit x

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