The Born To Run Palette is the hottest new thing from Urban Decay. It retails at R800 in South Africa and can be found online or in a boutique store. I bought mine from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The palette boasts 21 gorgeous shades. The intentional shade range is not like most Urban Decay Palettes. UD palettes tend to have a colour scheme or tone that the shades are focused on but Born To Run is an all-inclusive palette with a vast range of shades. The palette has been designed with the intention of eliminating the need for multiple palettes when travelling.

Let’s talk packaging.

The palette comes in a sleek black box and displays the colours on the back of the box. The inside of the packaging is a map of what looks like New York (I might be wrong). The actual palette is a hard, durable plastic covered in a collage of stunning holiday destinations around the globe giving you the ‘on the run’ feel.

Usually, UD’s larger palettes come with a brush but Born to Run does not. In all honesty, I don’t miss the brush in this palette. I tend to move the brush from the palette to my makeup bag anyways otherwise they fall out of the palette, and when travelling I would rather not be rummaging the floor of a hostel, bathroom, or bus looking for the brush.

I have heard a few people say that they think the packaging is too big, but I beg to differ. If I think of how many palettes I take on holiday (roughly 3 or 4 with varying colours) and the fact that Born to Run is all inclusive – I would actually be saving space taking this one larger palette than three smaller ones to achieve the same array of colours.

Let’s talk shades.

The palette contains a mix of matte, shimmer and satin shades. There are no micro-glitters (thankfully). I am not one for micro-glitters, especially when I am on holiday. I understand that there are micro-glitter lovers out there but unfortunately I cannot call myself one.

I love my nude shades, and they tend to be the tones I always go for. So thinking of a look to create using Born to Run was a little challenging at first, and because I couldn’t decide what to use. Once I started applying a few colours, I just ran with it and ended up using pretty much most of the colours in the palette. Thankfully the look turned out well and I didn’t end up with a smudge of colours on my lid.

The colours are super blendable, UD shades always are, and are very easy to work with. They are very pigmented and don’t require a lot of product on the brush – a little goes a long way. I did, however, find that I had a lot of product fallout, but I love packing on the colour so maybe that’s my own fault.

I found the matte shades needed a little bit more product on the brush than the shimmer and satin shades. They applied very patchy on my eyes, but this was easily fixed with a second round of colour packed on top.

The Verdict.

I love this palette. I think it is perfect for those of us that love to travel and want a wide variety of colours from a single palette when going on an adventure. The shades work right through the year and are not designed for a single season.

I think it is affordable, especially for the number of shades that you get and the potential use that you could get out of it. And who can really put a price on the adventures that you are going to have with this palette?

I would totally recommend this palette if you don’t really have many other palettes. I have found that there are a number of shades that could be considered dupes of ones already owned. But if you are just starting out and want an all-inclusive palette then I totally recommend this one.

Struggling for inspiration, why not try the makeup look I created using the Born to Run palette?

Tyla van Til

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