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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

After reading probably over 100 different blogs on how to get started on the process of planning my own wedding, I decided to create my very own wedding checklist that combined all the information that I came across while doing my research. Today, I am sharing my wedding planning checklist with you. 

I suggest setting out a set amount of time to work on your wedding either daily or weekly and try and avoid going beyond that set time. I ended up over planning everything in the beginning and it drove me crazy. My fiancé sat me down and told me to take it easy and only work on the wedding for a certain period of time every week and it helped lower my stress levels.

When you are planning your wedding, you will be contacting suppliers and waiting for quotes. Sitting in front of your PC, refreshing your emails every hour, everyday will obviously drive you crazy. It is important to understand that suppliers will take up to a week to get back to you so it is pointless stressing yourself out on a daily basis about your big day.

*My checklist is more of a guide and should be used as such. It might not include the smaller more personalised aspects that you would like to have at your wedding. It is a checklist of the basics that you might want at your wedding. 

Relax and enjoy the planning process - the planning lasts longer.

I have created a comprehensive wedding planner starter kit that includes templates for your wedding budget, mood boards, guest list, checklists and so much more. Download it here.

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