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My Ultimate Travel Toiletry Checklist

Less than a week and Dillon and I will be off to Thailand, which means that I am in the final stages of packing and gathering all my necessary items for the trip. I am also screaming with excitement on the inside while doing all of this!

I have nailed down my clothes, prepared myself for my flight, and now it is time to pack my toiletries. 

When packing my toiletries, I always go through my beauty and skincare routine as I would do it on a daily basis so that I make sure I take everything that I would need with me. I can tell that you are probably thinking that I am mad and that I should not be  taking everything, but rather only the necessities for the trip. 

No... that is not how my brain always me to function. I must have everything just in case... you never know what might happen. 

In saying that, I DO take everything, but I buy travel sized bottles and decant all my products into smaller, more manageable bottles so that I am not lugging around unnecessary weight. 

Shampoo; Conditioner; Body Wash; Shaving Cream; Razor; Makeup Remover; Face Wash; Face Toner; Face Cream; Face Sunblock; Body Lotion; Mouthwash; Dental Floss; Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Antiperspirant; Cotton Pads; Makeup Wipes/Refresher Wipes; Menstrual Cup; Mosquito Repellant Spray; Sunblock; Q-Tips; Hand Sanitiser; Hand Cream; Lip Balm; Hairbrush; Hair Ties; Nail File; Nail Clippers; Blush; Face Powder; Mascara

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