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Ultimate Long Haul Flight Guide

I will be jetting off to backpack through South East Asia in a little over 2 weeks time so I thought that I would share my guide to surviving a long-haul flight.

Lets start with comfort.

I always make sure that I am comfortable on a flight, and for some ladies this means heels, jeans, and a snazzy jacket, but for myself this means comfortable sweats or leggings, a loose fitting cami, and an oversized jersey. I find that the airplane does get cold so I take a scarf with me too.

Flying makes my feet and hands swell, and while there is very little I can do about my hands, I make sure to take some compression socks and some comfy shoes.

Lets talk about gadgets and what-nots…

When travelling, I take the biggest tote I own (because I need all the space I can get), and in it I take my wallet, cellphone, glasses, and passport, along with a few gadgets that I would like to have on the plane.

I take my laptop with me so that I can work on my blogs while I’m 39 000 ft in the air. And because there is so much time to kill I also take my kindle to catch up on some reading, a note book and pen to write down ideas or doodle, and my head phones so that I can watch movies or listen to some good music on my phone.

It is important to stay hydrated so I keep a bottle of water with me (either one that I have filled up or one that I have bought from a shop in the terminal). I keep a few healthy snacks with me to keep my energy levels up during the flight.

When it comes time to catch up on some zzz’s, I travel with an inflatable neck pillow and an eye mask to completely block out any light.

Now lets talk about the last hour of the flight – the refreshing time.

I like to refresh myself at the end of a flight. By the time the last hour of the flight comes around I am usually feeling awful and just want to get off the plane. So I pack a few things in my bag that I can take to the bathroom with me to freshen myself up.

Toothbrush and toothpaste are always the first things to go into my bag, but because international flight regulations restrict certain liquid sizes (and I don’t really want to take up more space in my bag than I need to), I decant a small amount of toothpaste into a small travel container for the one brush that I do at the end of the flight. In saying all of this, most International (long-haul) flights usually give you a free toothbrush and toothpaste.

A makeup wipe goes a long way in making you feel awake, and some antiperspirant goes a long way in making you feel more confident sitting so close to your fellow passengers, so I make sure that those items make their way into my tote.


Here is a simple breakdown of my long-haul flight essentials:

Compression socks; Leggings; Oversized jersey; Loose fitting cami; Scarf; Trainers; Toothpaste; Toothbrush; Makeup wipes; Hairbrush; Hair ties; Underarm roll on (Antiperspirant); Hand cream; Mascara; Face powder; Blush; Lip balm; Black toe; Wallet; Phone; Passport; Glasses; Laptop; Kindle; Headphones; Pen; Notebook; Battery pack; Phone charger; Water bottle; Healthy snacks; Chewing gum; Inflatable neck pillow; Eye mask

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