I have always had red, puffy eyes when I woke up in the morning, and I recently found out a possible reason for my eyes being puffy in the morning. I mean there are many possible reasons for puffy eyes in the morning, so I decided to try each one for a week and eliminate them one-by-one.

My reason was that I was putting my eye cream on the wrong places…

I suffer from very dark under eye circles, and its not that I don’t get enough sleep (as many dark circles and bags are caused from this), I have just inherited them. I have a very fair skin which makes the discolouration much worse. Needless to say, I use eye care cream every day to try and get rid of my dark circles. I didn’t know that there was a “special” way to apply eye care cream and so I applied it to the “affected area” (directly on the dark circles) – which is the wrong thing to do.

(There is a brief background, cause, and a few treatments at the end of the post for those who are interested in reading it.) 🙂

Once cream is applied, it moves 1cm away from the point of contact. Therefore, making it unnecessary to apply the cream directly to the dark circles. Applying the cream directly to the dark circles allows the cream to move 1 cm into the eye – this causes puffy and red eyes because your eyes react to the cream.

Picture: Indication of where the eye cream will move to if applied in the correct area.

How I Apply My Eye Care Cream:

1. I make sure that my face is clean and that I have no eye make up on.

2. I apply a few dots of eye cream along the outside of the dark circles.

3. I rub the cream in, avoiding the dark circle area (so to allow for the cream to absorb there itself)

Background on under eye circles:

Dark under eye circles are caused from blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. The skin under the eye is a lot thinner compared to the skin on the face and for that reason, the dark bluish tint is seen under the eye.

Causes of under eye circles:

Heredity: Dark circles can be passed from generation to generation. The transparent skin under the eye is thinner in some people than in others, while other blood vessels dilate more than others. people with fairer skin (like myself) tend to show dark circles more than those with a darker complexion.

Medications: Any medication that causes the blood vessels to dilate will result in under eye circles becoming darker.

Anemia: This is an ion deficiency in the blood (which I suffer from), and the lack of this ion in the blood is believed to cause dark circles. With this deficiency, the skin will become paler during menstruation and pregnancy which will result in darker circles.

Age: As a person gets older, their skin loses collagen and it becomes thinner and more translucent, which will make circles appear darker.

Treating under eye circles:

Diet: Eating healthier can help reduce under eye circles and puffiness. I find that drinking water frequently and cutting out carbonated cold drinks reduces my circles.

Creams: Get under eye creams that contain Vitamin K. The under eye generally lacks Vitamin K. (I was recommended the Clinique under eye cream but just haven’t got round to buying it. I will definitely do a blog on it when I actually purchase it and try it out. Let me know if you have and would recommend it.) 🙂

Food Stuffs: Cucumber, soaked tea bags, and raw, liquidized potatoes help reduce the puffiness under the eye.

Make-up: …oooorrrr, my all time favourite is just to put make up on to cover any evidence of the dark circles.

*Reducing the puffiness under the eye will reduce the intensity of the dark circles but not cure them. Puffy eyes cause a shadow under the eye which make the dark circles appear to be worse than what they are. I would recommend treating puffy eyes first, and then only targeting the dark circles.

Tyla van Til

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