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How I Toured Ireland In 5 Days

Long post alert! Grab yourself some tea or coffee before reading on! 🙂 

Dil and I went on an amazing 5-day tour around the spectacular South and West of Ireland, and I swear it changed our lives forever. We would do it all again if we get the chance!

From the Blarney Castle, to the Cliffs of Moher, we experienced incredible landscapes, mountains, sandy beaches, castles, and great night life at local pubs drinking a few pints of Guinness.

Being our first time in Ireland, on a limited budget, we wanted to experience everything that we possibly could and so we went travelled through a company called Shamrocker Adventures. They offer a variety of packages but the one that we did is called the 5-day Celtic Rocker.

Here is how we made the most of our 5 days touring around South and West Ireland:

We marveled at the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are located on the Southwestern edge of the Burren region, in County Clare. Sadly, we visited the Cliffs on a very gloomy day and ended up not getting any great shots of the cliffs. But nonetheless, it’s a cool conversation to starter to says that you have been to the famous Cliffs of Moher.

We were amazed by the Lunar Landscape of the Burren region. 

The name described this area perfectly. On the one side of the country road is a landscape of oddly shaped, flat rocks that cover the area as far as the eye can see. You feel like you are walking on the moon, literally. And on the other side of the road is a cliff that drops several hundred meters into the ocean. Breath-taking. 

We saw the wild mountain landscape of Connemara.

Connemara is located in the Galway region of Ireland, and driving through is absolutely breath-taking. 

We explored the bustling, university town of Galway for 2 nights. 

Have you ever heard of Guinness Pie? Not? It’s a well-known Irish dish, and if you love warm, hearty, winter food, give this dish a try. 

We listened to a local Irish story-teller at a local pub.

I’m sure you have heard that there is no better culture to tell a story, than the Irish. Totally true. We sat in a pub and listened to a story teller go on for hours about absolutely nothing, I honestly don’t remember the point of his story. All I know is that he was incredibly engaging and I never looked away once. 

The Irish believe heavily in their folklore and one part of the story-tellers joke was about his lucky coin. During the course of the story he gave the coin to one lucky person and Dil happened to be that lucky person. He was very chuffed with himself and still talks about this moment today. 

We listened to traditional Irish music sessions at local pubs. 

Ennis is a stronghold for traditional Irish music, and where better to experience the local sounds than at a pub, drinking a pint of Guinness. While on our travels, we discovered some local Irish talent – Socks in the Frying Pan and watched them live in a pub.

We enjoyed the Slea Head Drive and Dingle Peninsula

This picture perfect drive was one of our highlights. Even though we just drove through, no words or pictures can describe what you see. The Slea Head Drive is the type of road that you imagine when someone says ‘Ireland Countryside’ to you. 

We saw the ancient seat of the Kings of Munster, the Rock of Cashel

We walked around a fairy-fort.

The fairy-fort is popular folklore in Ireland. The early pre-Celtic inhabitants of Ireland were seen as mythical and these forts are seen as entrances into their worlds. There are a number of supernatural tales about the forts, and they are very interesting to read about if you are interested in history. 

We kissed the Blarney stone at Blarney Castle.

This is believed to be good luck, but I was too afraid to lean over the edge to kiss the stone. Dillon kissed it twice for me. 🙂 

We made a wish in a wishing well.

These 5 days were filled with luck, and what better way to add to it than to tie a lucky ribbon on a tree at a wishing well.

We watched a Sheep Dog in action.

This was such a wonderful experience. We head out to a local farm to see how the sheep dog herds the sheep. While on the farm, the owner showed us a bog. Now if you don’t know what that is, then have a read here. They are fascinating. 

Although beautiful, our pictures just do not capture the magnificence of the Irish countryside. It is truly a bucket list item that I would highly recommend.

*I apologize about the quality of my images, but unfortunately my camera broke on the first day of our trip and I ended up taking all these pictures on my phone.

Here are a few more images from our trip:

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