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The Pink Cup | First Impression

While doing my research (a ton of it) before buying a menstrual cup, I stumbled across a blog where the author had mentioned that they have actually forgotten that they were on their period. That sounded like bliss to me. Who wouldn’t want a period where you felt nothing, where there were no strings hanging out of odd places, or panty liners in inconvenient places?

I decided to try the menstrual cup for myself. I found one online that is available in South Africa, and so I ordered it, paid for it, and waited in excitement for the package to arrive.

When the package eventually arrived, I was beyond excited. I felt like a little girl getting a present. Although reality hit me because I am not a little girl otherwise there would be no need to gift myself with a menstrual cup. (Oh how I love being an adult… NOT!)

I opened the packaging and pulled out a beautiful pink cotton draw-string bag, I opened that and pulled out the cup.


With all new things, you want to unbox it and feel what it's all about. I got a little bit of a fright at how hard the cup actually is. I was under the impression that it would be really soft since it is heading into sensitive areas. My worry was how it would feel inside... y'know... in the canal. While doing my research, I read a blog post where the author had said that you would not feel a thing when it was up there, but based on how hard the cup felt, I felt betrayed by a fellow blogger.
How on earth could something this hard not be felt up there?

This brought on a new problem… How was I actually going to get this in? It was meant to be soft and bendable and go in with ease but now I wasn’t so sure.

This first impression of the cup wasn't very promising. The only thing that kept me interested is the ethical reason I first decided to move away from tampons and panty liners to a cup.

THE FIRST INSERTION – you need to excuse the terrible language that is to come in the next few paragraphs, but when you first try the cup you will realize that these words are not nearly strong enough for what you will go through.

Oh my f*cking god… ladies, you better prepare to get to know yourself VERY well down there.

My first attempts at trying to put the cup inside me were dismal. I kept squealing and squirming, moving the cup towards me and then moving it away at 10 times the speed. Dil was not making it any easier for me; as I would convince myself enough to go through with it Dillon would scream “Wait! What if it gets stuck? Seriously!” I went through about half an hour of this.

I finally convinced myself to go through with it and managed to get it up there, but not without a struggle. Trust me, there was a serious struggle. I then slowly stood up to make sure that the cup didn’t move around where it should not go, and I hear Dillon shout at me “Oh my god, there is nothing sticking out!”

Oh no, this thing was gone. Lost inside of me! Fearing that I would never be able to retrieve it again I promptly shoved my fingers back up and attempted the ‘catch’ the end of the cup before it disappeared forever.

Phew, it was still there and it hadn’t moved to far yet. I proceeded to tug and pull at the cup to try and get it out. FUCK! It was stuck.

I proceeded to prod and probe down there and attempt to pull the cup out until I got so fed up that I tried using some mighty ‘jungle oat’ strength to yank it out. BIG MISTAKE! The rim of that cup is mother effing HARD and yanking it right out at the speed of light left me feeling a little bit tender.

I waited 10 minutes before proceeding with a second attempt at getting the cup in. I had left the cup in boiling hot water before trying to place it again. My second attempt was a lot more successful! I had managed to fold the cup correctly in order to insert it properly. Having the cup inside me for the first time was slightly uncomfortable but nothing that would lead me into thinking I shouldn’t use it. I eventually got used to how it felt and managed to go about my evening as normal. Apparently you are not meant to feel that cup once it is inside of you but I imagine that all first attempts at putting it in cause some trauma and you end up being very sensitive down there.
I went to bed and had an amazing nights sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, my next worry became real. I had watched a YouTube video during my research days where the woman’s cup had leaked through the night because she didn’t place it properly. Had I placed it properly, or had I made the same mistake? I lifted the sheets slowly and peered down. Phew, nothing. Okay, now for the next worry… The cup was now full and I needed to get it out without making a mess. Oh my god, the struggles of being a woman.

Success! Only a short 30 minutes later. I had managed to wriggle the cup out successfully without messing. I then cleaned it, spent the next 10 minutes trying to put it back in and then carried about my day as normal only to repeat the cycle that evening. Practice makes perfect, and by the time the night had set in I was ready to clean my cup. The removal process was smoother and the insertion was easier. I realized that I could do this, that I could learn to love the cup.

I have now used the cup for three cycles and I don’t think that I would ever willingly go back to a tampon or panty liners. Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to the insertion and the removal of the cup. I have learnt how to fold it for insertions, and how to break the seal in order the remove it. My removal, cleaning and insertion time has been cut down from an hour to about 2 minutes.

This post is one of a few in a series because there is just too much to share about a menstrual cup. I will be telling you about my first experience with the cup, how to easily insert and remove it, and how to clean the cup. My cup of choice is the Pink Cup because it is available in South Africa. Menstrual cups come in different shapes and sizes but they are only available overseas. I am looking into getting a few in order to try them out and see if the different shapes and sizes actually make a difference.

Make sure you keep a look out for the next few blogs in the Pink Cup Series.

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