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Tattoo Addict Review

So I have recently got my hands on the Tattoo Addict Beezwax Aftercare Cream, and I have to say that this cream is the beeez-kneez! It is literally the only cream you will ever need to keep in your bathroom cupboard; your medicine box; and even your makeup drawer.

It has a number of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits that can be used for a number of day to day things, like lip balm, hand and nail cream, and a spot treatment. Recently it has been helping me clear an acne breakout that I have had. I know that I need to show you guys one day what my acne breakouts look like but I just never get around to it. It is on my to-do list… I promise. But for now, let me get back on track and tell you about this magical cream.

I heard that the Aftercare Cream can be used for literally everything, and so naturally I wanted to get a hold of it and try it for myself. I experimented with it and tried it for unusual things based on the properties of its ingredients, and it worked wonders for everything that I tested it as.


Lip Balm

As part of my nightly routine, I use it as a lip balm. I usually apply it after washing my face, and again when I climb into bed and call it a night.

I have also added it to my beauty routine. I generally apply it after having done my foundation so that by the time I finish blending the heck out of my eyeshadow, my lips are soft and smooth for my lip colour of choice.

Eczema Treatment

I decided to try the cream out to see if it would help with my eczema, and OMG, it totally did. So I get eczema on my eyelids (I know… A super weird place to get it) but I get it from eyeshadows, and the constant blending that I do when I apply makeup so I am always looking for new ways to treat the eczema before it actually occurs so that I am not inconvenienced or sit in pain not being able to wear any makeup. So I decided to change my usual cream out for the Tattoo Addict Beeswax Aftercare Cream and I have not had any eczema since moving over. My makeup applies smoother and I am a happy camper!


Check out my Whimsical Makeup Tutorial where I feature the Tattoo Addict Beeswax aftercare in my beauty routine.


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Spot Treatment

Based on it’s anti-inflammatory and calming benefits, I figured that I could use the Beeswax Aftercare as a spot treatment for my acne. I started off applying it to spots here and there that were really bad and needed some intervention, and it worked so well that I swapped it out for my night cream.

I wouldn’t recommend using it as a day cream, especially if you tend to get oily skin like myself. The product is very rich and it will leave you feeling very oily – but super hydrated.

Cuticle Care

I have a set routine every night when I climb into bed. I put on a little bit of lip balm, put on some hand cream, and then work in some cuticle oil into my cuticles. The Tattoo Addict Beeswax Aftercare pretty much replaced all three of the products that I was using before – I know only use this single cream at night. Amazing right?? I know. 🙂

Fancy Feeling Feet



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My heels were never bad to begin with but I can definitely feel a difference when I use the Tattoo Addict Beeswax Aftercare Cream. My heels look a lot more healthy and they don’t seem to dry out as fast as what they usually do. If you are anything like me and your heels dry out from literally 8 hours of walking around in sandals then I highly recommend you try the this cream. Your heels will absorb it and retain it, and they will love you for it.

As you can see from the 2 pictures above, the cream helped soften my heals and hydrated the dry spot that I have on the left side of my heal. As I have said before, my heels are never very bad but I can tell you that you will definitely notice a difference using this cream.

I also use it as a knee and elbow cream on nights where I felt like in needed a little bit of extra love and care on those dry-ass places. The change of seasons always hit me hard, and my skin seems to believe that the change of season goes on for months.

Minor Cuts and Sores

I also tested the Tattoo Addict Beeswax Aftercare Cream as a treatment for minor cuts and sores. I am one of those people that pick at a spot until it bleeds, hence one of the reasons I tend not to show my acne on the world wide web, however, this cream sorts the scab out within 3-4 days which leaves me very little time to pick at it for it to become worse.

Shadow (my black cat for those of you who might not know) has a habit of playing very rough and the one evening he cut my wrist rather badly, so I thought hang on… this would be the perfect opportunity to show you the healing power of this cream. You can see that he looks might smug with what he has done to my wrist – I was not impressed with him.

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So we all know that cats claws are dirty, and you should clean the cut as it happens… blah blah blah… I have always owned a cat, had many scratches from dirty claws, never really cleaned them and I am still alive… but don’t listen to me because I am super lazy. 🙂

I decided to put the Tattoo Aftercare cream on the cut for 3 nights and let it soak in over night. I am not very diligent with cream on cuts and sores and things like that so they usually take a rather long time to heal, or I tend to pick them and they end up not healing either. With Tattoo Addict I literally had no time to even pick the scab or make it worse. Within 3 days, the cream had healed the cut almost completely. It acted as an antiseptic – cleaning out all the dirt – and also brought down all the inflammation around the cut and healed it in no time. This pictures above show you from the evening it happened to 3 days later.

You can use it for SOOOOOOO much more!

So I hear that you can also use the cream as an after-sun if you get burnt. I don’t often get sun burnt – i tend to keep my fair skin away from the sun – but if the time comes when I get burnt I am definitely going to use this cream. I will probably leave it in the fridge so that it can get nice and cool and then apply it to the sun burn to help sooth the inflammation and the pain.

… and apparently you can ALSO use it as an aftercare for tattoos… who knew right? 😀


I hope you guys find this post helpful and let me know if you buy this cream or have tried it out. What have you tried it for?

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!

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