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    8 Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

    Here are a few things that no on ever taught us spectacle wearers...     Apply a long wear foundation. There is nothing more irritating than your makeup rubbing off underneath the nose pads. To help prevent this, I apply…

  • Beauty,  Skincare

    Homemade Eyebrow Treatment

    So my work colleague, and friend and I sat at work researching how to make your eyebrows grow. She is having issues with patches in her eye brows and it is driving her insane. There were a lot of articles…

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    How To: Shaping Your Brows Like a Pro

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin First things first, you need to know where there should be hair and where you can remove hair from. You need to tackle the task of shaping your brows with a clear goal. Messing things…