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Smashbox Vlada Cover Shot Petal Metal Review

The Smashbox+VLADA Cover Shot: Petal Metal eyeshadow palette is a beautiful rose gold palette from Smashbox. It retails at $29 in the USA – I unfortunately haven’t seen it in South Africa yet. I received mine as a gift. Even though I haven’t seen this exact palette just yet, I have seen that other Smashbox cover shot palettes retail for around R690 from Woolworths, and they are all gorgeous.

The palette contains 8 shadows – 6 shimmer shades and 2 matt shades. It is small and light weight which makes it perfect for a handbag in case you would need to do touchups during the day or transition your look from day to night.

Let’s talk packaging.

The palette comes in a rose gold box with a window that reveals the 3D lips on the cover of the palette. Once you remove the palette out of the box, you can see that word ‘Smashbox’ on the inside of the box. The actual palette is a hard, durable plastic with a thin 3D lid of rose gold rose inside a mouth giving you a very sultry feel.

I personally am not a fan of the packaging as a whole. Although the colour is very striking and the rest palette seems durable, the lid of the palette is nothing more than a piece of cardboard with a thin corrugated plastic stuck over it and a mirror on the inside to keep it rigid.

The hinge is another aspect of the palette that I do not think is practical. The hinge is so tight that the lid of the palette does not stay open while you are using it, and because the hinge is the same cardboard as the lid, I fear that forcing it open further will tear the lid right off. Or it might just actually wear down from frequent us and break off.

Let’s talk shades.

The palette contains 8 shades that stay true to a rose gold colour scheme. Of the 8 shades, 2 are matte, 4 are shimmers and there are 2 highlight shades. There are no micro-glitters in this palette. Even though there are 8 different shades in the palette, the colour variety doesn’t allow me to create many looks. I would have preferred a lighter matte shade to use as a transition shade.

I have mentioned before that I love my nude shades, but I also love shades that make my blue eyes pop. The best shades for that – copper and gold shades and that’s what this palette is all about.

The matte colours are super blendable and their colour payoff is amazing, but I had a lot of trouble with the shimmer shades. The colour pay off was not great. I tried wetting my brush with setting spray to see if it would pick up more colour, but the colour just crumbled in the pan. Trying to put the product on my eyelid was another nightmare… the product applied patchy on my eye and it just wouldn’t stick. I managed to salvage the colour by using my finger to apply it. I found it so strange that the product applied so well to my arm when I was swatching the colours but on my eye it was a totally different story.

When I first looked at this palette I thought that I recognised the shades that it contains. I went through my collection of eye shadows and stumbled across the Too Faced Natural Love palette and the shades in the Smashbox palette are very similar to shadows that I already own. Although not by the same makeup brand, these colours swatched next to each other would make it very hard for anyone to tell the difference.

The Verdict.

Would I recommend this palette? Probably not. I think this is a great palette for anyone with blue eyes that are just starting out with makeup and need a shimmer palette to make their eyes pop. But I don’t know if I could justify the price of the palette, especially when it comes to the quality of the shimmer shadows. I don’t know about you, but when I want shimmer on my eyes, I want it to look just like it does in the pan.

I think those that are experienced with makeup will enjoy the blendability of the matte shades but might find the low colour pay off from the shimmer shades frustrating, but if you have a trick to increasing colour pay off then maybe this palette would be great for you. I would love to know if you have used this palette before and have had a different experience to me.

I am going to keep this palette for everyday use. As much as I wouldn’t recommend the palette I think that it’s size is great for a handbag makeup kit and touchups during the day. I like the colours that the palette contains and because I have blue eyes, no matter which colour I pick from this palette, my eyes will always shine.


*Disclaimer: This post is entirely my opinion.

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