There is always stigma around New Year's Resolutions. Should I make a list or shouldn't I? It's entirely up to you. If I tell everyone what my goals are, will I be more entitled to complete them? Probably not. What happens if I am not able to achieve what I set out to do? Who cares really? How do I motivate myself to actually accomplish my goals for 2017? Easily...

You will find that most people have stopped creating New Year's Resolutions - or they secretly create them but tell no one about them - because they set unrealistic ones for the space of 365 days and won't feel guilty about not achieving them.

I always create New Year's Resolutions, whether or not I achieve them, I feel that they give me motivation in the beginning of the year - get me excited and geared up for the next 365 days of life.


Over the years, I have gathered a few tricks here and there that I use when creating my New Year's Resolutions. These tricks help me achieve my goals in a simpler and faster way without losing my motivation or interest in the goal.

I once read that you should not create a goal with a 365 life span, that you should rather create smaller more achievable goals, with a life span of only 90 days, that will ultimately lead to accomplishing the bigger goal.

In a nutshell, take your big-ass dream and break it down into tiny-ass pieces that you know for a fact you will achieve! 

If you cannot make your goal any smaller or you do not actually want to break your goal down into smaller parts, then make sure that every 3 months you take some time to sit down and re-evaluate your goals. Why have you not yet achieved it? What can you do to help you achieve it in the next 3 month period? Use questions like these to establish whether or not you are actually going to achieve this goal or if you need to cut it from your list. Be brutally honest with yourself otherwise you are shooting yourself in the foot!

Keep your damn list short! I often hear of these massive lists that someone creates for themselves to achieve in the space of a year. Some items not feasible, others not even in their line of interest. You aren't creating a bloody bucket list sweety... these are New Year's Resolutions and they should be short, sweet and to the point. You will be more inclined to complete a shorter list than to even find the motivation to tackle a list the length of a scroll.

A practical (and common) example of a New Year's Resolution that if broken down into smaller parts will mostly likely be achieved by more people:

A New Year's Resolution list is most likely to have one of the following phrases on it: "Get fit"; "Eat healthy"; "Live a healthier lifestyle"; "Cut out sugar".

While these are all great, if I had to write those today and then look at them again tomorrow I would have absolutely NO motivation to even start them. They look uninspiring and are way too broad a phrase to make it accomplishable. Make your goals look exciting and approachable. If you know me well, you will know that I curse and joke a lot. I use this to my advantage and write my goals down in a funny way that includes every curse word under the sun - this is how I keep myself motivated.

You also need to consider the relevance of a goal to yourself. Can YOU actually do them? If you have 30kgs to lose, 'getting fit' is probably not a very realistic goal for yourself. You need to make the goal relevant to yourself and change it to something along the lines of "lose 10kgs for my beach holiday in June". Also, make sure that your goals are measurable because there is nothing better than noticing the change in cm around your stomach/waist or to see those kg's dropping on the scale. 

When I set my goals, I write out the overall-365 day goal that I would like to achieve by the end of the year and then I break it down into 4 smaller parts that I will achieve over each quarter of the year. I will admit that 'become fit again' is one of the items on my list but mine looks different. I have broken it down into tiny-ass goals that I know I can achieve because they are simple and a lot less daunting than just 'get fit bitch'. 🙂

My Fitness Goal Example

Fit into that teenie weenie bikini by December 2017
For the first 3 months
1. Find a fitness program that my body and I will enjoy
A 3 day week program so that I don't over do it in the first few months.
2. Stop hitting that snooze button
Wake up earlier each day so that I can gym in the mornings
3. Try find a healthy eating plan
Prepare yourself for the best meal prepping ideas
4. Before weight and pictures

For the second 3 months
1. Meal prep the sh*t out of your fridge
Utilise the healthy eating plan found last quarter
2. Don't be a lazy bitch
I should be in an early morning routine already so it's time to hit the gym in the AM.

For the third 3 months
1. Bump up that gym routine to a 5 day week plan
2. Progress pictures and weight

For the last 3 months
1. Spice up the fitness routine
Do something different at gym

This list may seem awfully long but remember that I only write work on the items set out for the first 3 months of the year.

Remember that your brain likes short-term goals - the faster you can tick an item off your list, the better you are going to feel. The accomplishment you feel from ticking the item off your list is a result of the release of Dopamine - the addictive, happy hormone! Don't believe me?? Go read about it here...


A fitness program that I really love is the Kayla Itsines #bbg program. Find it here.

Good luck and I wish you all a wonderful 2017!

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