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Skincare Haul | Hey Goregous

I love a good organic skincare range, and last year I discovered Hey Gorgeous through a South African blogger living abroad. I entered a giveaway that she was hosting through her blog and won the products and had never enjoyed products more. Interested in what I won? Click here to see my previous review.

I have been on a mission, for a while now, to clean out my bathroom cupboard of all skin care products that have not yet passed their expiry date. Although this doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do, I feel like it's a never-ending task. I have tossed opened and unopened products that reached expiry, I donated products that were not open and had not yet reached expiry that I did not want to keep for myself (I wanted someone else to get great use from them), and I am now left with a wide range of products that have taken over a year to get through only half of them.

With each passing month I finish more and more products and I recently finished my face wash and moisturiser, and because I have no other products in my cupboard created for the purpose of washing and creaming my face, I decided to purchase a few items from Hey Gorgeous; a face wash, moisturiser and an organic underarm roller deodorant (because I finished mine at some point).


State of 10 hour foundation after using Hey Gorgeous Mattifying Shine Control Moisturiser

This moisturiser comes in a screw-lid recyclable 100g pot. It is white in colour with a thin cream consistency. The moisturiser absorbs quickly and effectively without leaving any noticeable residue and I have only positives for this product.

Not only does it smell great but is one of the first shine control moisturisers that I have used that has drastically reduced the appearance of shining skin. As someone who suffers with oily skin I have found it difficult to find a product that both hydrates my skin and helps reduce shine. My struggles have seen me go through multiple moisturisers and shine control foundations all with the same result; a shiny T-zone and cakey separating foundation.

The Hey Gorgeous Mattifying Shine Control Moisturiser contains tapioca starch that helps absorb any excess oils and leaves my skin smooth and matt for longer. Since introducing this moisturiser into my skincare routine I have given my mattifying makeup primers the boot and used this as the base for my foundation; no caking, splitting or separating by the end of the day. My makeup stays on longer and looks better for much longer.


This facial cleanser comes in a 250ml PET recyclable bottle with a disc closure cap. This milk cleanser is white in colour and contains small pink exfoliation balls.

Although best suited for mature skin, this product has been a great combination with the shine control moisturiser. It helps to remove excess sebum (oils), makeup and traces of pollution from the skin.

I love a cleanser that foams, and I am sure that all of my oil-prone-skin-friends can understand why. There is no cleaner feeling than that of rinsing off a foam face wash. When I first used the Hey Gorgeous Shea & Jojoba Cleansing Gel I was surprised by the fact that it did not foam (clearly I had missed the fine print - "a cleansing milk") and slightly put off, but I was determined to give the product time to show me how great it is and now I am slightly obsessed, a pea-sized squeeze onto my Face Sonic it more than enough to clean my skin and leave it feeling great.

As I said before, this cleansing milk can help remove makeup. When I go away for the weekend or head to the gym after work and I don't want to carry too many bottled products, I squeeze some onto a cotton round and use it to remove my makeup before cleansing. While it does not remove everything, it is an effective middle step for makeup removal.

When I purchase facial products I keep my acne-prone skin in mind. I am lucky to have found that a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and a combination of good facial products have helped cure my acne, and while I do not suffer from it at the moment, an imbalance caused by introducing a new product into my skincare routine could always cause it to come back. Thankfully, I have found all Hey Gorgeous products that I have introduced into my skincare routine to be gentle and have little to no negative effects on my skin. My acne remains at bay which makes me confident to try new products from this organic brand. For those who might be curious, I do tone between cleansing and moisturising and I use the Dr Organic Skin Clear Tea Tree Purifying Toner.


Lets face it, its hard to find an organic natural deodorant that doesn't smell, well, natural. The Hey Gorgeous Summer Rose All Natural Roll On was a great find to be honest. It smells great!

It is paraben free, anti-perspirant free, aluminium free, and a great alternative to everyday anti-perspirants. It does not leave residue on the skin once it has dried and washes off well in the shower. I find that anti-perspirants, like Nivea, although great 48hr wear roll ons, leave a residue that it sometimes difficult to remove in the shower.

The fragrance actually lasts for hours. I can apply Summer Rose in the morning and it will still smell as great by lunch time as what it did when I applied it 6 hours earlier. The only downside is that it takes some time for the deodorant to dry once applied and leaves white stains on clothing.

Shop Hey Gorgeous online and get 10% of your first order. Use the code HG10-QXLDNG.

What is your most recent skincare purchase? Let me know in the comments.

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