Here are a few items that I picked up during the course of September.

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish - Sweater Weather

I have been dying to get my hands on this Morgan Taylor nail colour. I have probably been longing for a grey nail polish for over a year now, and for some reason I just keep forgetting when I head to the shops, and on the occasions when I actually remember I can’t bring myself to pay the money for the nail polish. But I finally came to my senses and bought the damn thing… and I have never been happier. Sometimes black polish just doesn’t work, and now grey has become my next best friend.

Essence Nail Polish - Sun Is Smiling

I own a lot of nail polish (even though I only wear like 3 shades), but I do not own yellow. Personally, I am not sure how I feel about yellow on my nails but I thought that the best way to try it out is to buy a subtle shade, and so I got this one from Essence.

Catrice Glossy Lip GLow

Recently I have been enjoying my natural lip (mainly because it’s been winter on my lips have been dried than usual and lipstick doesn’t look great on dry lips), and I have decided that I want to try and jazz up my natural lip with a little something extra. So now I am rocking natural lips with a little bit of gloss! Loving it!

Sorbet BB Cream - Light

I’m always on the run, and with the little time I have to get ready in the morning, I have needed to adapt my beauty routine. So I have invested in the Sorbet BB cream for the on-the-go days where I need coverage but don’t have the time to apply foundation. This is the first time that I have purchased the Sorbet BB cream so watch this space for a review.

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Annique Spa Daily Body Care Range

I did not purchase these items, I was given these items but because they have made their way into my beauty cupboard I though that I would feature them in this post.

Rooibos Spa Deluxe Body Lotion

This lotion is apparently amazingly hydrating and contains a blend of vitamin E oil and Sunflower Seed oil to help retain moisture, and Rooibos extract rich in antioxidants.

Rooibos Spa Nourishing Hand Cream

This hand cream is made from Rooibos extract and Rooibos infused oil, which is know for its antioxidant properties.

Rooibos Spa Reviving Soap Bar

Made form glycerine to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils, while also being infused with Rooibos to keep your skin moisturized.

Annique Lifestyle Shake

I have never tried the Annique Lifestyle Shake but have heard that it is a great meal replacement supplement, so make sure you watch this space for a cool recipe or 2!

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