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Santa Shoebox

Back in 2008, while I was still a young girl my mom stumbled across the Santa Shoebox project and pledged a box for everyone in the family. Each one of us got a child of our choice and we got to fill a box with goodies to make someone’s else’s Christmas merry.

I found the feeling of making the box and giving to the less fortunate amazingly satisfying, and now as a young adult I am still pledging a Santa Shoebox for 2 or 3 young children.

The Santa Shoebox Project has recently brought out the option of pledging a virtual shoebox, so for those of us who would love to pledge boxes but might not have the time to create one and drop it off, the virtual shoebox option has made life a lot easier.

I can now log on to my Santa Shoebox account and pledge a box for R400 and Santa Shoebox volunteers will fill a box for me and send it to child in need do that a child will have a Merry Christmas too.

All I do now is follow these simple steps to pledge a shoebox:

When you go to, you will come out to their home page, and from here you need to navigate to 'GET INVOLVED' and 'PLEDGE A SHOEBOX'. 

The next page gives you an illustrated summary of the Santa Shoebox process as well as useful information on how to pack your shoebox properly. 

You will then need to click on 'START PLEDGING' and then on 'PLEDGE A VIRTUAL SANTA SHOEBOX'. 

Login to account and select ‘PLEDGE A SHOEBOX’

This will redirect to a page with 3 gift boxes on it. Select your choice of box.

This year I wanted to pledge a personalized gift box but these had all already been pledged, so I went with the virtual generic shoebox pledge.

You then come out to a terms and conditions page and in order to move on you must agree to Santa Shoebox terms and conditions.

Your cart allows you to change the quantity of boxes that you wish to pledge. This year I chose to pledge one shoebox.

And as online shopping goes, you will need to fill in personal and credit card details in order to proceed with the pledge.

Once payment has gone through, this will be redirected to the pledges page. 

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