I love going on road trips, I mean… who doesn’t?

We used to go on many road trips when I was a child, and with going on so many, I quickly learned what I liked to take on a road trip and what was pointless taking on a road trip. And now that I am older and head out on my very own road trips, I have had the opportunity to experience enough to narrow done on my top 10 things that I would not go on a road trip without.

  1. Blankets and Pillow – I always pack a pillow and a blanket for those early morning starts and the late nights on the road. The pillow and blankets keep me cozy while I catch up on some zzz’s.
  2. Music – I always make sure that my iPod or iPhone is synced with my latest music because FM frequencies don’t always reach the dirt roads.
  3. Camera – My camera usually goes along with me whenever I go on a trip, but for road trips, I keep it with me in the front of the car so that when I see something really amazing that I want to take a picture of, the camera is easily accessible and I can just grab it and snap away.
  4. Cash for Toll Roads – Many of the South African roads are tolled, and some of them do not have credit card payment options, so I tend to keep some loose change in the car to pay for the tolls.
  5. Google Maps/GPS – because maps are too old school for me to understand J plus it’s easier to have an automated voice tell you where to turn than to try and keep looking at a map book. In saying that, it often comes in handy to download a map of the areas that you are either passing through and your destination because you might lose signal in the rural areas and get lost. I also recommend a car charger for your phone if you are using it for music and maps. You don’t want to get lost with a dead phone.
  6. Wet Wipes and Toilet Paper – you will never understand how useful these are until you take them on a trip with you. I never go without wet wipes.
  7. Snacks – I tend to eat a lot more than usual when I am on a road trip, probably because there is not really much else to do, so I stock up on plenty healthy snacks and a few chips and chocolates for when I’m craving something unhealthy.
  8. Water – It is important to stay hydrated so I fill up a number of bottles of water and keep them in a cooler in the car.
  9. Games, Books, or Entertainment – Road trips can be long and boring, so I bring along a few extra things to keep me entertained when it is not my turn behind the wheel. Some of the items I bring along are a good book to read, Sudoku, and a deck of cards.
  10. Small Plastic Bag – I just keep one of these handy to throw away garbage while I am on the road, because littering is not cool.
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