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Affordable Pop Art Makeup for Halloween

The pop culture art has become very popular. It is an effective yet very simple look to create, making it perfect for a last minute Halloween or dress up party makeup idea. You can pair this makeup with any outfit that you wish, making it super simple and affordable because you wont be needing to spend any extra money on an outfit.

Before starting with my makeup for this look, I created a few accessories to pair with my pop art look. You can watch how I created these by watching the video below. All you will need is a black marker, white paper, and scissors. You can watch the video on how to create these accessories here.

I started off this makeup look with some foundation and a small amount of concealer. I stayed away from contouring because the idea is to keep your face two dimensional so that the dots and lines are able to create the three dimensional effect on their own.

To start off this look, you are going to need a white jumbo eye pencil to create the dots on your face. Start of by drawing dots down the center of your face and work your way out from there. To keep the dots uniform and make them look as if they follow a pattern, stick to drawing lines of dots from the top of your face down to your chin, staying inline with the dots that you drew down the center of your face. Draw he dots on any areas of your neck and decollate that will be exposed in your outfit.

I kept the eye look very simple, but you can go all out here if you want to. This is a great place to add a little bit of colour to your look. You can get away with that blue eyeshadow that was meant to stay in the 90’s, or with a full lid of yellow. For the look that I created, all you are going to need to do it blend a grey shadow into your crease.

Use a liquid eyeliner pen to create a winged eyeliner, and apply a small amount of khol eyeliner to your lower lash line. I forgot to apply mascara for some unknown reason and so I’m telling you that this is where I would actually have applied it. J If you want to apply falsies, then I would do so now. A pair of thick, dramatic lashes would be perfect for this look.

To create the tears, I used a blue jumbo eye pencil. Start by drawing the pool of tears underneath your lash line and then draw on the tear drop.

For your lips you are going to need a red lipstick (or even hot pink).

Use a black gel liner to fill in your eyebrows. The more dramatic your are with your eyebrows the better the result will be. This is the perfect time to overdraw your eyebrows – we all have the desire to go bold on the brows and now is the chance and no one will judge us.

It is now time to start outlining all your facial features. This brings the two dimensional aspect of the look to life. You are going to need a pot of gel liner and a lip brush (I found this the easiest to draw these lines). Start by outlining the pool of tears and the tear drop, then move onto bringing your nose to life by drawing a line down the center of it and in the curve around your nostril. Then you can move onto contouring your cheekbones by drawing a line just underneath them. You will then need to outline your lips, and then you can move onto your jaw line to finish off the look.

Once you have finished with your makeup, do your hair and stick on your accessories. This look goes well with bouncy curls.


* When taking pictures at your dress up party, make sure that you turn your face to the side so that you get the full effect of this makeup. Also have a sad story in your mind incase people ask why you are sad. I created a small comic strip to give you an idea.

Happy Halloween!

Please share your recreations with my on Instagram or Twitter (@tylavantil). I would love to see them.

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