Another month, another bullet journal spread. If you haven’t seen my April spread, click here. I have removed the monthly overview completely and am going to be working on a weekly basis for May. In April, I found that I really didn’t enjoy flipping through pages to update multiple trackers and lists that are spread out through the book, so for May I am simplifying everything. I am simplifying my cover, my colours as well as the information on each weekly spread – a more minimal approach if you would like to use that term. 

This is the great thing about a bullet journal, if something doesn’t work this month you can try something new next month. 

There are 5 weeks in May, so I drew out all 5 weeks. I like to plan ahead for the month and drawing out the entire month makes this easier for me. If I find out today that I have something for the end of the month, I can simply flip to the week and day and add it. 

Everything that I would need for the week can be found in a single double-page spread. I am no longer tracking my sleep and rather aiming to just be in bed by 10pm each night which I will be tracking in my daily habits. I have limited my daily habits to 11 core habits that I would like to focus on, movement and mindfulness are just a few to note to stay positive during the current situation in the world.

A funny story about the stamps that I used for my weekdays and dates, I bought these stamps in March, probably a week or so before lockdown started in South Africa, but I didn’t get the chance to get ink for it. So I had to make do with what I had in the house. I used a black marker as ink on each stamp and I think it turned out really great. I’m not the best at stamping in a straight line but I think that will come with practice and it gave my journal some character. 

To stay on top of my weekly and monthly plans I will be referencing my monthly digital calendar, which I have recently automated even more, and add my appointments, events and tasks on a Sunday evening. I have left a space on the bottom right hand side for my To Do list. Anything that is not completed for the week will be transferred over to the following page when I plan for the next few days. 

The tasks that I add to my To Do list are different to the tasks that I add to my daily columns. My To Do list is an ongoing list for tasks that need to be completed during the week. Tasks that I add to my daily columns are ones that can be started and completed on that specific day. I also note due dates, appointments and events in my daily columns. 

If you like this spread, I have designed a template similar to it and this template is downloadable, here. If you do download it and use the template, I would love to see your Bullet Journal spreads so please share them with me on Instagram

Tyla van Til

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