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Organic Machine Review for Bath & Body

I recently got my hands on a few organic vegetarian and vegan beauty products made by a company called Organic Machine. It is a local (South African) company that creates well thought out and well planned beauty products that are suitable for all skin types.

I had read up about a few of the products before receiving them and I was definitely super excited to review them for myself. The reviews that I had read had nothing but great things to say for the brand and the products created by them. I did back flips when I finally received the products.

You can watch my unboxing by clicking here.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored for a biased opinion on the given products. The products were sent to me for an honest review. Please note that the content of this post is my own and truthful. All experiences and results are that of my own. Visit Organic Machine's website by clicking here.


I take great pride in my skin care routine and to know that I can get my hands on a product that is hand crafted in South Africa and organic makes this brand all the more worth while.


I love scrubs for my body, I love the feeling after using a scrub, the smooth feeling of my skin. For this reason I am rather picky when it comes to body scrubs, but I found this scrub to be absolutely amazing.

I have tried so many before but this one is by far my favourite. The scrubs that I have tried before have granules that are too small, and that don’t last very long when rubbing them over your body. I have tried scrubs with micro fine “wannabe” granules and all I felt like I was doing was washing my body with a body wash. I have tried really expensive scrubs bought from salons and although they smell fantastic, I never really felt like they were scrubbing much away, the granules were either too fine, or fake and it would feel like I was scraping my skin off, or the granules would disintegrate long before I could scrub my entire body. I have even tried home made sugar scrubs but, again, the granules never lasted long enough to over my entire body.

The Organic Machine Crystal Scrub on the other hand is like nothing I have ever tried before. The Himalayan Salt granules last long enough for a single hand full of scrub to rub down your entire body, plus, it smells great too. The scrub also has brown sugar in it for a variation in granule size.


There is one thing that I struggled with in the beginning but it is purely my own doing. I am very rough when it comes to cleaning my body, and this scrub and rough don’t really go well together. The scrub does all of the work for you and I was obviously not used to that when I first started using the body scrub. I ended up with scratch marks on my shins and forearms that would take a couple days to disappear. I have managed to control this now by reducing the amount of scrub that I put into my hand, and then strength at which I scrub my body with. Other than that, I highly recommend adding this great product to your body pampering routine.

I now use the scrub once a week. I pick a day during the week where I know that I will have time to pamper myself – I generally go all out pamper on a day like that – and I light the candles, pull out the bubble bath, scoop up some scrub and lie back in the bath for hours.



At first I was not entirely sure how to use it or even where to use it but I slowly started figuring it out, and I found where I liked to apply it.

Now I have very oily skin and this product doesn’t go very well with oily skin so I worked around this and applied it in such a way that I would reap the benefits but wouldn’t have any complications.

I applied the Midnight Bloom to my body immediately after towel drying my skin. I started off using 4 pumps for my entire body in order to get an even spread of the product. I followed the instructions on the bottle, which said that for the best results use for 3 consecutive days – so I used it for a week. By day 4, it was as if my skin was not absorbing the product anymore and so I reduced the number of pumps to 2 for my entire body. Midnight Bloom hydrated my skin to the point where it could no longer absorb any more of the product – I have yet tot have a cream create the same effect.

Sadly though, I am a person who enjoys the feeling of cream on my body and prefer to use cream even though the effects of Midnight Bloom have proved that it is an amazing product. So I now only apply Midnight Bloom to my skin on nights when I have used the Crystal Body Scrub – the day where I have the proper amount of time to pamper myself.


Overall, I absolutely love these products and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. These products are not only made with a tremendous amount of love, but they are perfect of any skin type and condition, plus they are organic! If you want to treat your skin well… then definitely make the switch to Organic Machine because I have!

I have set myself a goal to try out every single product that Organic Machine offers. So make sure that you follow me on all my socials to keep up with my journey.

If you want to try some of these products out yourself, you can order them online on Organic Machine's website or on Faithful to Nature's website.


Stay tuned for my next review on the Organic Machine facial range and watch my full review on my YouTube Channel. 

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!

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