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Organic Machine Review & a New Beauty Routine

I recently got my hands on a few organic vegetarian and vegan beauty products made by a company called Organic Machine. It is a local (South African) company that creates well thought out and well planned beauty products that are suitable for all skin types.

I had read up about a few of the products before receiving them and I was definitely super excited to review them for myself. The reviews that I had read had nothing but great things to say for the brand and the products created by them. I did back flips when I finally received the products.

You can watch my unboxing by clicking here.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored for a biased opinion on the given products. The products were sent to me for an honest review. Please note that the content of this post is my own and truthful. All experiences and results are that of my own. Visit Organic Machine's website by clicking here.

I take great pride in my skin care routine and to know that I can get my hands on a product that is hand crafted in South Africa and organic makes this brand all the more worth while.

When deciding to try these products for the first time, my biggest thing was to make sure that it helped with my acne. If you have read my previous blog post on my skin care routine then you will already know a little bit about my acne.

Organic Machine went well beyond my initial expectations and my skin feels absolutely amazing. Since trying out the product, my acne has calmed down so much so that I barely even notice when I get a spot. I only notice it halfway through the day when looking in the mirror. Before then, my spots would ache and there would be an uncomfortable pressure underneath my skin where the spot was so I would always know that it was there. Now, 2 days will go by without me even noticing a minor spot.

My new cleansing routine is as follows:

Wash twice a day

Tone twice a day

Exfoliate twice a week

Midnight bloom twice a week

Moisturise after every tone


So I will say that the first time that I used the foaming face wash, I was not very impressed. However, if I look back now it is like that with every new product we try. We are do used to what we are using that the minute we try something else we turn around and shut it down and we are no longer open to trying it, but I carried on using it and found that I really enjoyed using it.

My first wash was disappointing – I attempted to wash with one pump of foam but felt like it didn’t get around my face well enough so I ended up using a second and third pump. I was also upset about the fact that the wash didn’t remove any of my makeup. I have become used to my previous face wash removing pretty much everything on my face really well. I do still use a makeup remover to be sure that I get all my makeup off my face at the end of the day but I like the convenience of a product washing everything off for those late nights coming home or for when I am actually just too lazy to use my makeup remover – because we all have days like that.

All that being said, I am still happy to use my micellar water to remove the makeup before washing my face – this has become my current routine and I am happy with it because I feel that it is working for my skin.

The face wash is definitely not friendly on the eyes. For the past year, I have used 3 different face washes that have been friendly on the eyes, so this new one was a shock to my system when I tried to wash the eyeliner off my eyes. It not only didn’t remove it, I ended up having seriously burny eyes for a couple seconds afterwards.

The first few washes also made the areas with thin or sensitive skin burn – so like around my nostrils.

I now use the foaming face wash twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – after I have removed my makeup up micellar water.



At first the smell of the toner is unsettling. I actually felt like I was just smearing apple cider vinegar on my face. But I am used to the smell now and I actually enjoy how refreshing it is.

I am one of those people that enjoy spraying toner on my face rather than wiping it on my face with a cotton round. I tried both ways with the Organic Machine Toner and found that it works best when applied to a cotton round.

The bottle doesn’t offer a very even spray mechanism, but is super effective on a cotton round. After every face wash I really fell as if my face is clean, but then I go and wipe down my face with some toner on a cotton round and it actually picks up so much dirt and makeup that you wouldn’t usually see on your face.

The toner is a great product to use after the Organic Machine Foaming Wash and I use it after every face wash to pull off that unseen dirt and to balance my acid mantle.

I tried using the toner as a makeup remover because I felt that it removed excess and unseen dirt very well. However, I don't feel that it works as a makeup remover. I feel as if the product on the cotton round does not stay wet enough for long enough in order to breakdown the makeup and remove it. I ended up using 3 cotton rounds front and back to remove the makeup on one half of my face using the Organic Machine Toner, and a single cotton round front and back with my usual micellar water.



I am currently using the Clean and Clear moisturiser.



I was very excited to try this product. If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with masks, and I use a mask at twice a week in my skin care routine.

I decided to try the Decedent Delight Face Scrub as a mask because I prefer them over scrubs. However, I was very disappointed at the texture of the mask that came out following the Organic Machine instructions.

I tried mixing the scrub with honey but the mixture just wouldn’t stick to my face. I then tried a few things of my own to see if I could get the mask to stick to my face but nothing seemed to work. I mixed it with some coconut oil in hopes that it would be maluable enough to apply to my face but still the mixture seemed to move around my face and ball up.

I then decided to try it as a scrub and followed the instructions set out on the bottle. I mixed it with water and honey but the mixture balled up.

I found that the only way that I could get the product to work on my skin was to simply mix it with water/midnight bloom and scrub it oer my entire face with the palms of my hands.

I will say though that with all this trial and error, my face was left incredibly soft, hydrated, and feeling just great


I now use this product twice a week as a scrub. While sitting in the bath, I simply add a small amount of water to a teaspoon heap of scrub and run it all over my face. I then apply a small amount of midnight bloom while I sit and soak in the bath. I do this so that my skin doesn’t become tight while I lie around in the bath for a few hours. This also works out really well for me because my skin is naturally oily and leaving the midnight bloom on over night, or using it as a moisturizer does not work for me – I find that I get extremely oily the next day. So I just wash it off at the end of my bath using the Foaming face wash, I then tone, and apply my usual moisturiser.

What I love about this scrub is that the granules aren’t harsh at all. Some face scrubs have those plastic micro balls in them and I find that those hurt so much when you use the scrub on your face. The granules in this scrub are hard enough to do the job but soft enough so that they don’t hurt your skin.



At first I was not entirely sure how to use it or even where to use it but I slowly started figuring it out, and I found where I liked to apply it.

Now I have very oily skin and this product doesn’t go very well with oily skin so I worked around this and applied it in such a way that I would reap the benefits but wouldn’t have any complications.

On the days where I use the Decedent Delight Face Scrub, I apply it to my face during my bath time and allow it to soak into my skin for the duration of my bath. At the end of my bath I wash it off so that it isn’t left on to make my skin very oily. My skin feels absolutely amazing after my baths


Overall, I absolutely love these products and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. These products are not only made with a tremendous amount of love, but they are perfect of any skin type and condition, plus they are organic! If you want to treat your skin well… then definitely make the switch to Organic Machine because I have!

I have set myself a goal to try out every single product that Organic Machine offers. So make sure that you follow me on all my socials to keep up with my journey.

If you want to try some of these products out yourself, you can order them online on Organic Machine's website or on Faithful to Nature's website.


Stay tuned for my next review on the Organic Machine facial range and watch my full review on my YouTube channel. 

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!


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