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My Top Drugstore Spot Treatment

Hands up if you are guilty of picking spots. (Slowly and shamefully raises hand).

I have a nasty habit of picking spots. I just can’t leave them alone no matter how hard I try and so it is important to have a spot treatment that works well for me.

I have been using Young Solution Wipe Out for many years, and it has become such an important part of my daily routine that I almost think it silly to feature how amazing this product is.

The bottle is conveniently small and travels easily in my handbag. When I feel a spot coming up I immediately start applying the spot treatment and keep doing so throughout the course of the day.

I also love the consistency of the product. I often find that spot treatments leave a film on the skin that balls during the day, but the Young Solution Wipe Out absorbs into the skin without flaking or balling during the day or after multiple applications.

When I don’t have a spot looming, I keep the solution as part of my daily routine and it helps keep spots away (apart from the hormonal ones). I have recently introduced the spot treatment into my daily skincare routine and have noticed a massive difference in the number of spots I get and how often I get them.

I use the spot treatment as a serum, after cleansing and before moisturizer, in my problem areas (particularly my T-zone and along my jawline) to stop any smaller spots from coming up.

The Young Solution Wipe Out spot treatment is probably one thing that will never leave my daily skincare routine.

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