My New Years Resolutions – just in case you are interested in what mine are... 🙂

This year, Dillon and I have very similar Resolutions, which is going to make motivating each other a whole lot easier. Basically, I want to do more with my life this year. I will be making some changes that will hopefully become a great routine and part of my everyday living versus just a Resolution for 365 days.

I am going to pace myself through my goals this year and hopefully come out by the end of this year with all of them accomplished. I have kept my New Year's Resolutions short, sweet, and to the point.

I once read that you should not create a goal with a 365 life span, that you should rather create smaller more achievable goals, with a life span of only 90 days, that will ultimately lead to accomplishing the bigger goal.

In a nutshell, I am going to take my big-ass dreams and break them down into tiny-ass pieces that I know for a fact I will achieve!

The first change I want to make in my life this year, is to follow a more vegetarian diet for the year. I have followed one before and managed to stay on it easily for 6 months. I have pinned a book's worth of recipes on my Pinterest (click here to see what I have pinned) for me to try out. There is honestly no particular reason that I want to make this change in my life, it is just a matter of 'because I can'. I am, however, not going to be very strict with myself but where I can I am going to avoid eating meat.

The second big thing that I would like to accomplish this year is my fitness goal. At the beginning of 2016 I was the fittest I had ever been, and the stress of moving down to Cape Town and the struggles with adjustment to a new life have led me to put my fitness in the back seat of life. Now that I have adjusted to my new life and things are a little bit easier, I am going to get back onto the fitness track.

Something I would love to do this year is save a lot more money than what I have in the past. This is a VERY flexible goal, and before you judge me, here is my reasoning...
A woman that I work with told me about a savings technique that she tried in 2016 and she ended up saving more money than she had ever expected to. You save money every week, and the value of the money you save differs each week. You calculate the value of money you need to save every week with the following calculation: [the number of the week multiplied by 10 = the saving value]. Obviously you can change this around to suit the currency in your country, but I highly recommend saving in any form this year.

For example: in 2017, 5 June - 11 June is considered week 23, so for that week you will put away [23 x 10 = R230]. 

Dil and I want to go travelling this year but you obviously need money to do so, hence the reason we need to find a great way to save, but life can be unpredictable and there might be a few weeks during the year where we might not be able to save at all - the reason I need this goal to be flexible, because LIFE HAPPENS.

After the emotional ride that 2014, 15, and 16 have taken me on I would like to do the #100daysofhappiness challenge going around on Facebook and Instagram. This will be a great way to appreciate life, and to rediscover the things that make me truly happy.


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