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My Handbag Essentials

I often find myself scratching around my handbag looking for something that I know is somewhere, deep down inside the bag. By the end of the month, my bag has filled up with papers, receipts, lipsticks, sweet wrappers, and who knows what else. But at the end of every month, I take a small little bit of time out of my busy schedule to clean out my handbag and start fresh for the new month.

Doing this kind of thing also helps with month end tax returns and claims on receipts for items or petrol that you might have bought during the month.

Apart from the endless things that collect in my handbag every month, I will always have my staple items that I know for a fact are in my handbag – I just need to look very hard to find them

Every girl has her own personal handbag essentials so I thought that I would share mine with you since I showed you what I keep in my handbag in my latest YouTube video. If you do, leave me a comment saying “Hi”.

Hand Sanitizer

I have this thing about my hands feeling sweaty, dirty, or grimy. I basically hate how they feel during the course of a normal day, and so I always keep hand santizer on me. It also becomes super convenient when you don’t have the chance to wash your hands. Say now you touch something dirty and you are no where near a basin with some soap then your next best option is sanitizer.

Hand cream

I hate having lizard hands, and my hands seem to dry very quickly so I will always have a hand cream on me. I apply it a number of times a day – after washing my hands, after sanitizing them, and when my hands just feel super dry.


There is nothing worse than feeling like your lips are about to split apart and you have no lipbalm with you. I personally hate the feeling of licking my lips and try avoid doing it at all costs. I feel like they dry out 10x faster so I will wait until I can find lipblam before I will lick my lips. My lipbalm of choice is always a tub of Vaseline. Now I know that some people don’t like Vaseline at all and believe that it shouldn’t be used in your beauty regime but I like it and find that it works for me.

Nude/pink lipstick

There is always a need for a lip colour touch up during the course of the day, so I generally will keep a nude lipstick in my handbag for those days where I need to reapply some. I usually go with a colour that will match pretty much anything I am wearing or pretty much any makeup look that I have gone with for the day.

Pocket mirror

I always carry a pocket mirror with me because I have not perfected the art of using the front camera on my phone as a mirror. I have no bloody clue how ladies do this because I am useless at it. I end up starring at the wrong thing and misjudging where my hand is meant to move, oh its such a mission and so to avoid this irritation, I just carry a pocket mirror with me.


I always have a need for some earphones. Sitting somewhere, waiting for something, or simply need to plug them into something so that no one else can hear what you are listening to.

Note Book

I am one of those girls who likes to write something down rather than type it on my phone. I feel that I remember things better if I have written them down. I also find that I am more of a visual person so seeing the colours and notes in a journal, diary or notebook helps me to think clearly.

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