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My Handbag Essentials


I like to write things done. I pretty much write EVERYTHING down, so keeping a notebook with me is a necessity. I will hardly ever leave the house without my notebook in my bag. I use the note book to jot down ideas for my blog, to do lists, ad hoc tasks, and reminders. My notebook keeps me sane guys! 


For obvious reasons mentioned above, I would need a pen. I also find it very handy to keep a pen on me incase I need to sign something or if someone needs to borrow it. 


I like to avoid having dry hands, and for this reason I keep a small tube of hand lotion in my bag. I usually use this after I have washed my hands. 


No one wants to get caught out without any battery life in their phone, and I tend to forget to charge my phone very often. So for those crucial times I make sure that I keep a charged battery pack in my hand bag. 


It's the 21st century... I have no reason to leave the house without my cellphone! 🙂 


I'm not blind. I can see just fine without my glasses, but my eyes tend to overwork which makes my eyes tired and lazy and this affects my whole day so I always keep a pair with me. 


For those times where I need to listen to a voice note in public, or if I just really want to zone out and listen to some music, I keep my iPhone ear phones in my handbag. 


No ones wants chapped lips, myself included, so I always keep lip balm with me wherever I go. 


I always wear my hair up, and on the rare occasion I will wear it down. But knowing myself, I will get halfway through the day and want to tie it up again. For this reason I always keep hair ties handy. 


Tablets for headaches and allergies are definitely a must in my handbag. I suffer from both and having a headache or an allergic reaction to anything can make the day unpleasant and so I like to be prepared. 


A lady needs her lipstick. My lipstick of choice is usually MAC's Hue lipstick because it is neutral and will go with any look that I might be wearing. 


Ain't nobody want bad breath after having a yummy meal. 


Having a purse in a handbag is pretty much an obvious. 🙂

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