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My Current Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have tried a lot of different skincare products. Mostly because I am trying to clear out the products I have collected in my bathroom cupboard as well as keep my spots at bay, but also because I love trying new products. With that being said, I still keep my sensitive skin in mind when selecting new products to try or when using products that have been in my bathroom cupboard for a while.

In the process fo clearing out the bottles and tubs in my bathroom cupboard, I will use products that have not been opened or reached expiry and toss the ones that have been opened or have reached expiry. When I finish a product that forms an integral part of my routine and I don’t have a replacement product in my bathroom cupboard I will research a product to purchase and add into the routine or repurchase a product that I already know works.

My AM and PM skincare routines are the same apart from having to remove makeup in the PM.

Cleanser: Hey Gorgeous Shea & Jojoba Cleansing Gel

In the mornings when I wake up or in the evenings when I am ready to wind down, I run a basin of lukewarm water before I start the process of cleansing my skin. I run the water for 2 reasons; 1) because I save water filling the basin rather than letting the water run while I cleanse my face, and 2) because it allows me to be in complete control of the temperature of the water I rinse my face with. I want the water warm enough to open my pores but not hot that it damages my skin.

Once the water is run I splash my face. Now, at this point I would love to say that I look as elegant as the models splashing water on their face in a cleanser commercial, let’s be real, I don’t exactly want water on my floor. I squeeze a pea size amount of the Hey Gorgeous Shea & Jojoba Cleansing Gel onto my Homedics Facial Cleansing Brush, dip that into the water to wet the brush and then gently cleanse my face in circular motions.

After around 1:30 – 2:00 minutes I rinse the cleanser off my face using the water in the basin and then pat my face dry with a soft towel.

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Toner: Dr. Organic 5 in 1 Tea Tree Purifying Toner

Once my skin is completely dry, I squirt a few drops of the Dr. Organic 5 in 1 Tea Tree Purifying Toner onto a cotton round and wipe this on my face in an upward motion. At the moment I use cotton rounds but I am on the hunt for reusable cotton rounds so if you know of any please leave a comment below with the ones that you use.

Serum: Vitalge Glow Rejuvenation Facial Serum

I have recently added this into my skincare routine and it has quickly become my favourite part of it. I wait for the toner to dry before applying 5 drops of the serum to my face. Depending on how I feel, I either drop the serum directly on my face and then rub it in, or I drop 5 drops into the palm of my hand, warm it up between my palms and then apply it to my face and décolletage (a fancy way of saying my neck and chest).

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Eye Cream: Dr Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum

The Vitalge Glow Rejuvenation Facial Serum absorbs quickly, and once it has, I take the smallest amount of the Dr Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum and apply this under my eyes in an upward motion from the bridge of my nose to my temples.

Moisturiser: Hey Gorgeous Mattifying Shine Control Moisturiser

The last step in my skincare routine is my moisturiser. At the moment I am using the Hey Gorgeous Mattifying Shine Control Moisturiser to help control the oils on my T-zone.

I take a pea-size amount of moisturiser on my finger tip, tap some of product on both cheeks and the remaining on my forehead, and then use my finger tips to rub it into my skin in upward circular motions. Everything I do on my face is done in an upward motion to lessen the affects of gravity on the face. Shop Hey Gorgeous online and get 10% of your first order. Use the code HG10-QXLDNG

That’s all there is to my 5-step skincare routine. I like to keep it simple. I don’t think I would be able to keep up with a 12 steps facial skincare routine because i honestly just do not have the time.

Let me know what you are currently using and what product you swear by in your daily skincare routine?

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