And here is to my third month of bullet journalling. I think it’s going well so far?

My Monthly Cover Page

In March I gave the cover page thing a skip not only because I wanted to try a spread without a cover image but also because I wasn’t feeling very creative. Rather than force a design I wouldn’t like, I gave it a skip entirely. The creative juices were flowing for April, and I decided to go with flowers. When I started sketching them, I loved how simple they looked and so I decided to go for a minimal look this month with very little colour.

My bullet journal is the black A5 Dot Buffalo Journal from Typo. It costs R149. It runs 33 blocks across and 47 blocks down on each page. Get it here.

My April Calendar Overview

This past month has been really crazy. For March, I set out a goal that I wanted to achieve during the month, not a very difficult one, but due to the circumstances in the world at the moment, that wasn’t possible and now the goal has now been put on hold until we resume normality. 

For April, I am carrying over the same monthly overview calendar layout as the previous month. I found that the space was exactly what I needed. Each box is 7 x 6 and I leave 1 block between each block. I drew the calendar off centre to the right and used the blank space on the left of the page to add flowers and tie in the theme for this month. 

I did add my monthly reminders as well as all the events and tasks that I am hoping to get around to doing this coming month after South Africa goes out of lockdown. In a time like this, I like to stay positive and carry on as normal so that I don’t fall too far out of my routine. 

My Daily Habit Tracker & Sleeplog

Over the page I have added my daily habits tracker and sleep log. While I am changing up my habits tracker, I am keeping my sleep log the same as last month.  I have reduced the number of habits from 18 in March to 12 for April just to test out how it goes for me because I realised that my over ambition from my February habits carried over into March so that definitely needed to change for April.

I have a lot of “habits” that I only see myself doing once a month or once a week and so it doesn’t make sense that I have them on my daily habit tracker. Tasks like this I have added into my overview calendar on the day that I would like to complete it. 

Reminders, Party Planning & My Lockdown Goals

My reminders are pretty much the same as last month and there is not much for me to elaborate on here, but I have trashed my shopping list and added a brainstorming box for my mom’s partner’s birthday, which I am helping to plan from this month. 

I have also added a list of tasks that I would like achieve while in lockdown. These are personal development goals, house cleaning and organising goals, and general things that I always say I will get to when I have more time (because now I have more time). I am grateful that I am still working full time from home so my goals are smaller projects around the house and when they are all done will make a big difference.

I found in the first 2 weeks of being at home, that my routine changed dramatically. I added an ideal day breakdown for myself to follow. Seeing it there really helps me keep track of what I should ideally be doing at the time and in turn helps keep my productivity up. 

I would love to know what are you doing during lockdown to keep yourself in a routine or to maintain the same productivity you have in normal circumstances? Leave me a comment.

You will notice that this month I didn’t draw out a spread for my meal plans. At the moment, a lot of people are panic-buying daily groceries and essentials and so the items that i would usually buy and that would normally be in stock are not readily available.  Our lockdown is only scheduled to end mid April with a possibility of extension. For this month I am just going with the flow for my meals. When I do go to the shops, I buy what is available and plan my meals around what is available while I’m there. 

Here’s to April.

Tyla van Til

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