Guest Interview | Mamma & Bear, Judy Dooley

As part of a new segment, this week I interviewed local Mommy-Blogger, Judy. Judy is an educator, freelance writer and mammabear to 7 amazing bear cubs. She writes about parenting, life and being a mamma. Judy tries to share ideas to encourage family bonding and keep life fun. Her goal is that you will walk away from Fun mamma S.A. educated, encouraged, and inspired.


1.     How did you first get into blogging?

I've always been a writer and was using my Facebook page to share my thoughts and parenting ideas. I started guest blogging for when my baby was born and decided I should start my own blog.

2.     How often do you blog?


3.     Where do you find inspiration to blog? 

From my family and my life . The challenges I face, products my daughter loves, etc.

4.     Who is your style icon?

Angelina Jolie

5.     Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

Yes, I've had the opportunity to meet with South African musicians and political members. My best and most favourite was my interview with Shaun Jacobs of love can fame.

6.     What is your favourite beauty/fashion magazine?


7.     What are some of your current fashion and beauty obsessions?

Handmade leather bags . 

8.     Who is your celebrity crush?

Brad Pitt

9.     Coffee or tea?


10.  Favourite Olsen? 


11.  Heels? Or flats?

Heels but forced to wear flats due to an injury.

12.  Favourite MAC Lipstick colour?

Red there any other colour? 

13.  What are your go to beauty products?

Sunscreen, mascara, eye cream and lipstick

14.  What is the one thing you will never leave the house without?

My cellphone

15.  How many tattoos do you have? And what do they mean?

The word FIDEM it's Latin for faith and i got it to remind me to have faith in myself to achieve my dreams.

16.  What is your favourite quote?

Always wear your invisible crown

17.  What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you? 

I'm about to become a granny (and only in my fabulous forties) my son of 23 is expecting a little bundle in October.

18.  Who is your favourite local (South African) blogger?

Oh there are do many to chose from but I love my daughter's blog and am her biggest fan . She blogs over at

19.  What would you say is your biggest blogging challenge, and how do you overcome it?

Trying to stick to my schedule as there's so much I want to write about.

20.  What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog? 

Believe in yourself. It's hard work but worth it.

Where can you find Mamma & Bear?

Judy features as a guest blogger bi-monthly on, as well as weekly on Facebook for moms in business.

Website: &

Facebook: funmammasaMammaAndBear

Instagram: funmammasa & sparkarella_ct

This is little Bear, the inspiration behind Mamma & Bear blog.

*Thank you Judy for appearing in this guest segment. 


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