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Festive Valentine’s Day Makeup

I love Valentine’s Day, there is no doubt about it. I will admit, though, that even though I love the idea behind it (the lovey-dovey stuff and what not), but I do not like the fact that this is the only day in the year where guys think that they should go all out for their lady (or partner). What is wrong with the other 364 days of the year? I am fortunate enough to have a sweet, and kind-hearted boyfriend who does so much for me every day of the year (too much in fact) and surprises me with flowers on the odd occasion because they are always 10 times more expensive during the V-Day period. He uses Valentine’s Day to be over the top romantic and surprise me with things that he wouldn’t usually do during the year.

As much as I like Valentine’s Day, I do not agree with expressing your love for your significant other so publicly. I love my boyfriend, don’t get me wrong (and he knows I do), but I am not going to go and tell the world. The world has nothing to do with my personal life and the love I have for my boyfriend – it’s not meant for sharing. It would make no difference in your life if I were to tell you that:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.03.35 PM

On a lighter note, I do not totally hate the day – I mean who can? It is a day meant for love and compassion. I will do something corny for my boyfriend because he is one of those people that expresses his love for my publicly and appreciates the gesture from someone like myself. Although I don’t like it, I will never shoot him down for it. It is in his nature to be like that, just like it is in may nature to conceal my love and emotion for him, and 6 years down the line, neither him nor I are complaining.

I express my like for Valentine’s Day through my passion for make up. On Valentine’s Day I will always go all out with my make up. I love doing make up and Valentine’s Day is a great time to express my love, and I can go all out and no one actually cares because they are so engulfed in their heat of the moment – that is generally shared with the world…


Full Product List:

Face: Catrice Prime and Fine; Inglot YSM Shade 42, Body Shop Powder Foundation in Shade 04; Essence Compact powder in 09 Soft Tan; Body Shp Blush in shade 09 Ginger

Brows: Catrice Eye Brow Gel; Essence Eye Brow kit for brunettes.

Eyes: Essence I Heart Stage Eye Base Primer; Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, and White Chocolate; Essence Liquid Eye Liner Pen; MAC Eye Khol In Smolder; Accessorize Volume Mascara in Jet Black.

Heart: Essence Kajal Pencil in Pretty in Fuchsia; Urban Decay Electric Palette, Savage.

Lips: Essence Lip Liner Pencil in 12 Wish Me a Rose; MAC Lipstick in Dreaminess

DSC_0002 DSC_0003



Catch this look on my YouTube Channel by clicking on the thumbnail below. 🙂

Make Up Tutorial Festive Valentine's Day Look


I hope that beside my negativity, you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day with your significant other or with your sexy single girlfriends! Be sure to show me your recreations on Twitter (@tylavantil).

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