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Putting a living room together can be just as difficult as putting an outfit together. You need the right dress (or sofa), and the matching necklace and make up (or those cushions and fabulous lighting). A daunting task when you first look at it but a very satisfying one too. Designing your living room should be a reflection of yourself.


Whether you are revamping your living room or moving into a new house and starting fresh, you need to determine the needs of your living room.

  1. What are you going to use the living room for: Are you going to use it for family purposes, entertaining, or for watching television? How many people are going to be using the living room on a daily basis? These questions will help you determine how much seating you will need and how much space you will need in your living room.
  2. Design according to the space you have: if the room is an odd shape then traditional living room designs might not work for you. Plan the way that you are going to utilise you living room space before you start buying furniture, painting walls, and putting up mirrors and pictures. Creating a mood/style board like the one that I have created below can help you plan more clearly.
  3. Create conversation areas: group your sofas in such a way that will create conversation and not inhibit it.
  4. Determine your room’s focal point: Some rooms will have a fireplace or an extravagant window, or an oddly designed wall, and you must work around those. Have everything focus/face/point to the focus of the room.
  5. Decide on the formality of your space: a more formal room is suited to traditional furniture, antiques, and high-end sleek furnitures. A less formal room is suited to simple fabrics and eclectic decor. Modani’s Modern Furniture is suited for a more informal setting.
  6. Decide on a theme: Your living room needs a theme, and this can be asian, beach, modern etc. Or your theme could be a colour. I have chosen browns and white with a few accent colours that show through in the cushions.
  7. Go for symmetry: Try and achieve symmetry in the room with furniture and with lamps, lights and art.
  8. Have the room reflect yourself: Don’t design a room that you yourself do not like and cannot stand being in. Yes, your guests need to be comfortable in the room but so do you.


I have created this style board, using products fromĀ Modani, in order to show you my sense of style in the living room. I hope that this picture, along with the above steps and the help of Modani Modern Furniture will help inspire you to create the living space of your dreams.

Just like any outfit has a staple piece, so does a living room – the sofa. The room is centred around the sofa and so it should be one that reflects your style and one that you can work with. I love browns and neutral colours, especially when it comes to my living space and that is why I decided to pick the Brown Phantom Sofa. The natural tones tend to match with most other things and they add more dimension than just all white. I added the cushions as the pop of colour, just like you would add a statement necklace or some colour heels, and I made sure that small spaces and corners would not be left too bare by adding the suitcases and a standing light. The suitcases are a unique and trendy storage system, something that not everyone expects and the lights will help brighten up the room.


Be sure to check out the Sofa’s that Modani has to offer inĀ order to start designing your new living room space! I hope that my style has inspired you to create your perfect space.

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!

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