Guest Interview | Little Bits of Ruby, Robyn Cronje

Appreciating the little things in life, one ruby at a time! Health & Wellness, Foodie, Wine & Lifestyle blogger.

1.     What inspired you to write about food?

What inspired me to write about food is my passion for cooking & baking. I also suffer with food allergies (dairy and a sensitivity to wheat & gluten) and this has inspired me to make delicious, healthy alternatives. 

2.     How would you describe your site to new readers?

My blog is fun & lighthearted. It’s something anyone can look at , read & enjoy. It’s a little piece of who I am and what I love.  I enjoy engaging with others about interesting topics.

3.     What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?

Organic food is great, however it’s not always affordable (which is understandable). I try to buy as much organic fresh fruit & vegetables from markets such as the Oranjezicht Farmer’s Market as I can and my protein usually comes from the Woolies Free range section. But not always!

4.     You try a new recipe and it does not turn out the way you had planned, what do you do?

I look for other alternatives depending on how the recipe failed to meet my standards and just t ry again until I succeed! 

5.     What are your three favourite ingredients? 

This one is so hard! Has to be Raw Honey, Coconut Milk and Dates (Sweet) and then Garlic, Tomato Paste & Ginger (Savoury) These are so versatile!

6.     What are you 3 worst ingredients?

Sugar (so unnecessary) , Coriander and Salt. A few ways to ruin a dish!

7.     What is your favourite local restaurant? Why?

The Hungry Herbivore- they make the most amazing vegan treats & food. I can recommend their Mexican a bowl - It’s the best ever! Not to mention their Raw Caramel Cheesecake. Winning! Find them at 11 Orphan Street, Cape Town.

8.     Give your top food blog that inspire you the most? 

Mindful_Moose (Jess Ettridge) Her recipes are amazing. She also has an e-book available.
Mindful_Moose Instagram

9.     What’s the one super power you wish you had? 

I wish I had the power to... be invisible. Then I could travel whenever , wherever I like.

10.  What is the most memorable dish that you have made?

Raw Caramel Slices - This is such a yummy, guilt free treat.


You can read more from Robyn on her blog, Little Bits of Ruby. Or you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Thank you Robyn for appearing in this guest article. 




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