Would you believe that I was once a model in a hair competition?

I thought not, so here I am today to prove it to you.

During my second year of university, I rekindled a school friendship with someone that was studying to become a hairstylist. At the time, I would never have dreamed of doing anything wild with my hair. I mean, I wear my hair straight with a center path every day, and if I’m feeling lucky, I will curl it – there is hardly any variation in my daily hairstyle.

In saying that, my friend is very persuasive and she managed to convince me to be the model for someone that she was attending college with, and within a week I was heading to the hair salon after my university lectures.

After trying a few different hairstyles, the student stylist had finally settled on a style and from there onward I went to the salon for the him to practice getting the hair-do up in the time allowed for the competition.

All was fine until my hair was dyed 2 shades of ‘OMG’. One half of my head was dyed red and the other half was dyed orange. And no, I am not talking about subtle, natural colours here, I am talking RED and ORANGE.

Guys, I had to walk around like this for 2 days. Between having my hair dyed and the day of the competition, I had a netball tournament and Dillon’s 21st birthday party. These are all events where people notice you.

The night before the show was Dillon’s 21st birthday, and the competition was no excuse for me not to have a good night. Now, while I do not condone heavy drinking, there are certain times where you just have to go all out! After only getting around 3 or 4 hours of sleep, I woke up the next morning with the world’s worst headache and headed off to the show.

Feeling 100 times worse by the time I reach the salon, I rocked my sunnies all the way through the front doors, past the dressing area, and to the makeup chairs where I sat down and told the makeup artist to make me pretty!

The day was filled with competition rounds, and then came the time for student hairstylist and myself. I was sat down in a chair at a hairdresser station, the buzzer went, and off he went styling my hair just like we had practiced so many times before… Only this time, my hair was red and orange.

Makeup? Check.

Dress? Check.

Water!? Check.

Shoes and Accessories? Check.

Hair? It’s Time!

At the sound of the final buzzer, the hairstylists all had to stop and put their models into a pose that is suited to the hairstyle that they had created. I was molded into position and left to sit while the judges came around and… well… judged.

Unfortunately, we did not place (as far as I remember) but this is definitely an experience I will never forget. And I mean, how cool of conversation-starter is “I was once a hair model”? 😉

Tyla van Til

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