Today’s topic of discussion is my favourite silver shampoo – so named for its affects on the hair and not for it’s actual colour. Because much to my horror, silver shampoo is not silver – it’s purple.

When I first started moving away from darker hair colours, and headed towards the blonder side of life, I was naïve to hair masks, treatments, and special shampoos. I had always just used something off the shelf of the grocery store. In fact, I picked shampoo based on how amazing it smelt – the better the smell, the more likely I was to buy it.

Being blonde is a totally different story…

Within about 2 months of having my first full head of highlights, my hair turned to straw – like literal yellow straw that would end up falling out before I could book my next. It was downright awful. I would see girls with platinum blonde hair and feel jealous because their hair looked healthier than mine.

I’m not sure if it was the jealousy or the straw, or the fact that I loved having blonde hair, that lead me to do some research on how to keep my hair as healthy as possible while still maintaining my blonde colour. But I ended up doing endless research on all the ways possible to make my blonde more radiant.

I researched hair masks, salon treatments, shampoos and even oils designed to keep colour looking its best. Because I couldn’t afford salon treatments at the time, I opted for the cheaper options like hair masks and colour shampoos.

I am now a healthy looking and feeling, blonde balayage because masks and colour shampoos form a part of my daily hair care routine. Masks to help with the loss of moisture from bleaching, and shampoos to stop my blonde colour turning yellow.

I discussed my favourite drug store and salon hair masks in a previous blog post, and you can read all about them here. But like I said waaayyyy back at the beginning of this post, today is all about my favourite purple shampoo – Indola’s Silver Shampoo.

It is the only shampoo that actually lifts the colour and gets rid of any yellowing of the bleached hair, and because I have a red undertone my hair tends to go very yellow/orange very quickly. And to help me save on costs, I only use a small amount of the silver shampoo on the ends of my balayage, and I use store bought shampoo on the roots of my hair.

After years of mistreating my hair, I am finally giving it the love and care that it clearly needed, and I am always happy with my hair, even on bad hair days.

Tyla van Til

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