I Am Engaged

So I have pretty much been engaged for over 2 months, and have done very little social media announcing. So here it goes…


On the 1st of May 2017, Dillon surprised me by dropping down on one knee and, well, I guess I would say he popped the question, but neither of us uttered the traditional words of ‘will you marry me’ and ‘yes I will’.

Our entire magical moment was assumed and we understood what the other person was asking and saying.

Many of you have been asking for the nitty gritty of the moments leading up to my engagement so I thought that I should share it with you.

Dillon and I had taken a long weekend off of work to enjoy some time with our friends that had come to visit us. The 4 of us spent about 3 months planning all the activities that we were going to do for the few days that they would be spending with us. Little did I know that the engagement was being planned by the 3 of them in the background.

I had mentioned to my best friend that there were a few beauty requirements that she needed to make sure of if Dil was ever to ‘drop the knee’. I told her that I knew Dil would tell her when he would do it so she needed to make sure that I had makeup on, had my nails done, and my hair needed to be acceptable.

I can deal with acceptable, but it couldn’t be downright awful.

The morning of the engagement, we were planning to go for sun-downer cocktails at what is considered a fancy restaurant in Cape Town – the 12 Apostles Hotel. Knowing what she knew, my best friend had convinced me to go all out with hair and makeup for the evening, so we literally spent the entire day getting ready for cocktails.

On our way to the 12 Apostles, Dillon and I had a slight disagreement about whether or not I should be wearing nail polish – and as you know, men should never question a beauty regime or decision that a girl has. Needless to say, this disagreement turned into me not wanting to talk to Dillon, and Dillon’s plan playing out perfectly.

Yes, you heard me. His plan was playing out perfectly.

I found out at that Dillon had made me angry on purpose. His reason was so that the proposal would come as a big surprise, because you would never expect it when you are fighting with your partner.

While enjoy the sunset and some delicious cocktails, Dil disappeared for a few moments (obviously to scout out where he wanted to pop the question), and when he came back he said that he had found an amazing place where we needed to go so that he could get a picture of the sunset with me in the foreground.

Little did I know.

So we got up and headed to this amazing place to take a picture of the sunset

After 2 or 3 pictures, my best friend pulled me aside and said that she had this video that she wanted me to watch, so I put in the earphones, leaned on the railing and played the video.

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