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How To: Shaping Your Brows Like a Pro

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First things first, you need to know where there should be hair and where you can remove hair from. You need to tackle the task of shaping your brows with a clear goal. Messing things up isn't the end of the world, your hair does eventually grow back. But while the hair is gone it does suck a little bit to see the patches of hair missing.

Your eyebrows generally have a lot of hair for you to deal with and so there is enough room for error when shaping your them, however, the large amount of hair is concentrated to a very small area so a mistake could make a big difference. It is important that you shape one hair at a time. As tedious as this sounds, it's vital. Once you pull out 1 hair too many its too late, and that single hair could make the world of difference. Sure, go ahead and pull out the hairs that you can see that will make no obvious difference to your overall shape but the closer you get to your brow the more careful you need to be.

Before starting with the plucking and the pulling and the whatever you need to do to get those hairs out. You need to understand the basic shaping of your eyebrow according to your face. You need to draw a few imaginary lines from your nostril towards 3 different points.

  1. this first point needs to go past the inner corner of your eye. Wherever this line meets the eyebrow is where your eyebrow needs to start. Any hair that falls outside of this line (those hairs being the ones in the center of your face - that monobrow vibe) needs to be removed.
  2. the second point needs to go from your nostril through your iris (you need to be looking straight). The point where this line meets your brow is where the arch of your brow needs to be. This is where you eyebrow changes its angle.
  3. the third point needs to go from your nostril along your lower lash line. The point at which this line meets the eyebrow is where it actually needs to end - this is the tip of your eyebrow. Any hair that is beyond this point needs to be removed.

Once you have worked out the ideal shape for your face. You are then going to have to comb through your eyebrow hairs. You need to comb them up. Almost make them look untidy.

The reason that you need to comb your hairs up is so that you can trim the ones that stick up beyond your natural eyebrow shape. Trimming your eyebrows defines them a little bit more and gets rid of any 'fly-aways' so to say.

Its then time for the tweezing. This step is different for everyone. This is the step where you can actually shape your own eyebrow and you can determine what your arch is going to look like. I usually draw a straight line underneath my eyebrow and tweeze anything that falls outside of the line, and then the shape of the tip is entirely up to you. I change the angle of my tweezing when I get to the point where my arch is situated to create an angled tip.

...and you're done.

I hope that this has been helpful for you and remember that your "eyebrows are sisters and not twins" so they will never look the same. The idea is to get them looking similar. If you are too nervous to shape your own eyebrows then I suggest going to have them done professionally for your first time and then you can just maintain them at home. As meaningless as what eyebrows seem that are important face framers and need to be shaped correctly.


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