How To Create Cute Makeup Brush Storage

My make up draw was getting a bit full and I realised that something needed to come out of it, so I decided to find a new way to store my make up brushes.

I used to have them in their original brush bag but that was taking up too much space and so i took the brushes out of the bag, and packed the bag away for when I travel in the future. Once I took them out of the bag ┬árealised that I actually have no where else to store them. I didn’t want to store them loose in my drawer so I had to come up with some solution.

**I do not recommend that you put your brushes back into this holder after you have washed them. You ned to store them in such a way that the water can drain out and they can dry fully before you put them back into the holder. Storing a brush upside down while there is still water in it can damage the bristle holder (metal thing) and rust will form which could be harmful for our skin.



This is what i did to make these 2 Brush Holders:

1. You will need the following: Glass Sand Stones or any fine stone that you like; your make up brushes; and a jar.

2. Remove the lid from the Jar and the glass sand container.

3. Pour the glass sand into the jar.

4. Keep pouring.

5. Keep pouring.

6. Once you have enough glass sand in your jar (I opted for halfway), level the glass sand out.

7. Start putting your make up brushes into the glass sand (upside down)

8. Place all your brushes that you would like in the holder into the sand and decide where to put it.

9. I found a place on my desk to put the 2 holders that I made.


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