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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly

You should ideally clean your brushes every week especially if you are like me and prone to acne, but in reality its very difficult to clean them every week so I clean mine every 2 weeks, and here is how.

The first thing that you need to do is to pick a cleaning method. There are various cleaning methods that you can use and you just need to try them for yourself and see which one works best for you. Here are a few DIY methods for you to try at home, and if these don’t work for you and your brushes then the best thing to do is buy a makeup brush wash.

  • Detol hand soap (bar or liquid) mixed with a little bit of olive oil for conditioning. I personally don’t like using olive oil because I feel that I can never get it all out of the brush and it sits there and makes my face oily or prevents me from blending my makeup properly.
  • Shampoo and a little bit of conditioner.
  • Baby shampoo.

What I use to clean my brushes:

My DIY brush cleaning ‘mat’ – it’s just a plastic dog hair brush but it is a third of the price and works just as well.
Baby shampoo
All my makeup brushes (even if I haven’t used them)
All of my beauty blenders (even if I haven’t used them)
A towel – for drying the brushes overnight
Cotton pads
Rubbing alcohol or spray sanitiser

How I actually go about cleaning my makeup brushes:

I wash my brushes in my kitchen basin just because there is a ton more counter space for me to lie my brushes down to dry overnight. Having a lot of makeup brushes is a serious problem guys... 😐

I lean over the basin with the green thing on my hand and luke warm water running onto it. Remember that the water cannot be too warm because it will melt the glue that keeps the bristles in the head, but it also can’t be too cold because then it wont kill any bacteria.

I pour a pea size amount of the baby shampoo onto the green thing, which has been running under the water and so it is now damp. I never pour the baby shampoo directly onto the brush because it might travel too deep into the head of the brush and then I won't be able to get the shampoo out.

I then run the brush under the water to wet it slightly and rub it around in circular motions on the green thing. I pretty much also run the brush up and down and from side to side on the green thing as well just to really get into the bristles with the shampoo.

I then rinse the green thing and the brush at the same time. So I place the green thing under the running water while continuing the circular motions of the brush. This helps get the water deep into the bristles to help rinse out the baby shampoo.

Once I have rinsed out all of the baby shampoo I run the brush up and down on a towel to get rid of any of the excess water that is still in the brush. This helps the brush dry faster. This is also the time where I tame any bristles so that the brushes don’t dry with flyaways.

I place the brushes on the towel to dry for the evening. As you can see from the picture, I fold down the top of the towel and place the handle of the brushes on there. What this does is it keeps the bristles of the brushes pointing down at an angle when they dry so that the water doesn’t get trapped in the head of the brush and cause the bristles to break down, or the glue to get damaged, or most importantly, it stops bacteria build up in the head of the brush. Remember that bacteria can get every where so do you best to avoid creating nice places for bacteria to build up. I usually leave my brushes to dry overnight.

I don’t only clean the bristles of my brushes, I also clean the handles. You can use a rubbing alcohol or like me, you can use a sanitizer. I keep santizers handy for when I am doing a client's makeup so I know that this works well to clean the handles. I spray this onto a cotton pad and rub the handles f all my brushes just to get rid of any makeup, or dirty and build up on the brush. Cleaning the handles always surprises me… I am so paranoid about having dirty hands and so I constantly keep them clean but to see that the handle of my brushes are so dirty every time I clean them makes me feel awful, but it just shows how important it actually is to clean everywhere because you never know where the dirt is, and ultimately where the bacteria might be.

As for my beauty blender, I run it under the running water to soak it. I drown it in baby shampoo and lather it up. I squeeze it, rub it and do whatever I think will get the product into the beauty blender and then I rinse it under the water in the same way that I lathered it up. I run it under the water and squeeze it, rub it and pretty much do anything to get the product out of it. I always try and get the beauty blender spotless but I get very bored of cleaning and generally like to move onto doing things that are more exciting than cleaning my handful of beauty blenders.

You can watch my YouTube video that explains all of this.

Happy cleaning!

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