I love being a blogger, and I find it extremely satisfying being able to do what I love. When it goes right, it’s great, but sometimes ideas run dry.

As a new blogger, I’m sure that you fear that one day you might just run out of ideas and things to write about. After all, where exactly does the inspiration to write come from?

The first thing to know is that it’s not only new bloggers that hit writers block – it happens to all of us. Even those of us that have been doing this for over 5 years, or even 10. The trick is to find out what inspires you to write and also find a niche that you love to write about. When you do that, the writing will come naturally for you.

Here are a few ways that I find inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing.

Jot Down Ideas

I always have a notebook and a pen on me – because what are handbags for ladies? When an idea pops up in my mind, even if it is just a sentence, word, or even a doodle, I make sure that I write it down.

Find out What Fellow Bloggers are Talking About

I often go and have a look at the competition and see what they are talking about on their blogs. It is easy to draw inspiration from other bloggers and their blog, but the idea is not to plagiarize but to draw inspiration for a similar topic and to make topics your own.

Ask a Blogger Community for Ideas

If I am really struggling for ideas or inspiration, I reach out to other bloggers in my blogger community and ask them for ideas on what to write about. You will be surprised how helpful other bloggers can be.

Reach out to Readers

My readers make my blog, they are the bread to my butter and the cookies to my cream. Without them my blog is just another site on the internet. I like asking them what they want to read because they will choose topics that they would like to see on my blog.

Watch the Trends

I am a lifestyle and travel blogger, so I when the latest travel hack comes out or when the coolest body scrub is launched, I blog about it. Writing about popular topics helps to keep my blog relevant and drive more traffic. And the great thing about trendy topics is that the inspiration for the post is one Google search away.

Take a Break and Be Honest

Knowing when to take a break from blogging is important. This is my hobby and not my full-time profession (yet!), so naturally, my day job will trump anything that needs to happen on my blog. If I am not able to get a post out on my scheduled days, then I tell my readers why and when they can expect to hear from me again. Trust me when I say that they will understand – we are only human.

Bloggers draw inspiration from different places, and no 2 bloggers are alike, so I asked a few South African bloggers to share their inspiration for keeping topics hot on their blogs.

Masedi Sesele from Soft Blossom said:
I research the net for blog ideas.. then write down prompts that will assist me. I also base a lot of my content from interactions on social media, then relate it to my own life. That way I give out relatable content url.

Meg Peta Sproat from Boring Cape Town Chick said:
For me content comes in two forms. 1) brand content where someone invites you to participate in something and you report back on it 2) how you spend your own time and money and ideas that come from your everyday life. The second option is usually the better content because it comes from an authentic place. But option 1 is where your experiences and collaborations often lie. So no, I don’t worry about running out of content because I’m an evolving, changing person. So as long as I have creativity and the time, content will never run out 🙂

Cat Barker from Le Famished Cat said:
When I am shopping, I am constantly looking at ingredients and trying to figure out what I can do with them….:)I also research food trends a lot to see what is topical at the time or what foods are in season. Lastly, I ask friends and family what they would like to see me blog about – that can also help to keep content fresh.

Ruan Fourie from Gevaaklik said:
Producing content consistently is essential if you want to build an audience. Producing content consistently can be hard, that is why it’s important to get to grips with content curation. Finding a niche where you can give weekly curated content still helps with consistency and giving your audience something that will add value.

Chevone Petersen from ChevsLife said:
When I sense a lull in my writing then I reach out and ask for a #TitleChallenge – this also creates an opportunity for me to connect with my followers or readers on a somewhat personal level by pulling them into my journey as a creative writer.

Megan Richards from The Authentic Girl said:
I am inspired by experiences that evoke an emotion in me and help me escape my daily routine. Whether the experience/product is new or old, I share it with my readers (if its something I think they will find valuable or interesting). Obviously, the experience needs to be authentic. Having a plan, theme or schedule assists me in creating content regularly. I do enjoy being impulsive as well.

Abigail Bezuidenhout from My Boozy Kitchen said:
My blog is based upon my biggest passion. Food and Wine. The are thousands and thousands of recipes. I also enjoy a good glass of wine being in the wine industry myself you get inspired a lot. I think blogging about your passion makes things easier.

Jurie Weidemann from The STEM Blog South Africa said:
I believe the biggest driving force of keeping my blog going is passion: passion for child development, passion for engineering and science and how things work , and passion for teaching (or rather sharing what I’ve learned). The STEM Blog South Africa is a blog about Science Technology Engineering and Maths in South Africa. It also covers robotics and other industrial tech (which is the space I work in during the day). There are many things I can probably improve on for my blog posts – like planning them and working out a schedule for when to post what, but for now it works for me to consume as much content as I can and start draft posts as the ideas come to mind. I am currently working on about 33 drafts and some develop quicker than others. My benchmark is to do 4 posts a month so I am a little behind schedule.

Morakana Seokotsa from African Soul Goddess said:
No not really.. I watch a lot of talk shows and listen to the radio all the time. If I hear a quote or a saying that I like I Google articles and posts about it. Get more information on the topic and work from there.

Tyla van Til

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    • I still find it tough to stay dedicated and I have been writing for around 5 years now… I hope that my tips will help you going forward.

      I am glad that you like my blog, I hope you find more on here that you enjoy 🙂 x

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