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This blog is a place where I revisit some of the amazing places and spaces I get to frequent.  The idea of starting a blog occurred to me after some friends were visiting and wanted some help finding their way around our wonderful Midlands Meander arts, crafts and eateries and had no idea where to go. So I decided to put some thoughts down both for the Meander and wherever I may end up visiting along with some of the anecdotes that go with it.

I guess my writing style is a little quirky, but I would categorise my blog as a Travel and Lifestyle blog overall. I love roadtrips and meeting new people that inhabit the new places I see along the way. Along with this, good food with good company is something that makes me smile and I cover reviews of restaurants, diners and coffee shops that are speckled like little gems along my journeys.

1.     Which country and city do you call home?

Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

2.     What made you fall in love with travelling? Why did you start Travelling?

The wonderful anticipation of what is to come, the new opportunity to see new places and see them through both my eyes and the eyes of the people that live there. Never knowing what is around the next corner.

3.     Are you a backpacker/long-term traveler/business traveler/ live and work abroad?

I am a part time traveller and blogger. I hold down a day job and forge with words at night and on the weekend 😉

4.     What is your most memorable travel experience? 

Doing a walk with anti poaching rangers through a big 5 game park at night without lighting. They say if you want to have some kind of understanding of what someone goes through, to walk a mile in their shoes. What an experience!

5.     What is your favourite local place to travel to? Why?

In South Africa we are offered such a variety it is hard to say. But there is nothing that beats the tranquility that the Bush brings.

6.     If you travel constantly, do you feel burnt out? Yes, then how do you deal with it? No, then how do you go about it?

Sometimes yes. Scale back a bit and remember to keep it simple.

7.     Share your top travelling hack.

Pack sarongs or scarves. Best thing to pack because they double up as different clothing items or accessories.

8.     Honestly, how do you manage travelling expenses?

That’s a tough one. Some of my travel is done as a service exchange which helps. Otherwise I like to ferret out gems that don’t necessarily pull hoards of people and are strong on hospitality. Sometimes those tucked away gems are also a good budget decision.

9.  If you could go anywhere right now, no strings attached, where would you go?  

The Serengeti …. Long on my bucket list it has been.

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*Thank you Carmen for appearing in this guest interview. 

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