Guest Interview | More Than Food Contributor, Darren Meltz

Darren is a self-confessed creative jack of all trades - The world is a delicious pie of creativity so why have just one slice.

If he’s not on stage or in the rehearsal room, he’s searching for new and beautiful things to photograph.

Darren is an actor, educator, clown (yes believe it or not) but above all else, he’s a writer.

His biggest passion is creating amazing things with the words that race around in his head.

He is ambitious to a fault and lives by the question, “Why the heck not?!”

1.     What inspired you to write about food?

I was a very picky eater when I was younger until traveled to Israel and was told quite frankly, as only the Israeli's can, "You eat or you starve."

This is what made me realise that their is so much more to food and I've since tried many delicacies both at home and abroad.

 I am a storyteller at heart and writing allows me to share the stories of my foodie exploits with my readers.

2.     How would you describe your site to new readers?

More Than Food is a collaboration of currently 41 unique voices on what's hot, hip and happening in cities from Cape Town and Joburg to London and Toronto. We are in 16 cities on 4 continents and our main focus areas are EAT, DRINK, EXPLORE.

We're all about sharing real, honest, straight forward opinions and experiences (hence our #RealPeopleRealTalk hashtag!)

3.     What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?

The organic craze is one we can't get away from, especially us foodies. I guess I've bought into the organic lifestyle without really knowing it but I do notice quite a difference in the quality and taste of organic products as well as how long they last. So yes I can say it is quite a big deal.

4.     You try a new recipe and it does not turn out the way you had planned, what do you do?

I'll give it another bash or even better, find a way to put my own spin on it and hopefully make it taste even better.

Most of my best dishes have been "happy accidents".

5.     What are your three favourite ingredients?

Cheese, this is something I just can't get enough of... cheese of any kind.

Chutney, it's one of the staples in my cupboard and goes well with almost any dish.

Wine, in the glass or in a dish. It completes a meal and goes great with cheese of course.



6.     What are you 3 worst ingredients?

Fresh tomatoe. No idea why, it's in almost everything, but it's one thing I just don't enjoy.

Until recently I would have said oysters but I guess they really are an acquired taste.

Pork in any form, but that's for religious reasons.

7.     What is your favourite local restaurant? Why?

Gemelli Cucina Bar. I was lucky enough to indulge in a 3 course fine dining experience there recently and every dish was just exquisite.

8.     Give your top food blog that inspire you the most?

Daley Murray uncovers all the culinary hotspots in Jozi and gives her real and honest opinion of what she experiences. Something I aim to do on my More Than Food journeys.

9.     What’s the one super power you wish you had?

Definitely invisibility. Imagine all the secrets I could uncover if nobody knew I was around.

10.  What is the most memorable dish that you have made?

My kitchen and I have had a bit of a love-love relationship until recently. I've started to explore more and create my own dishes. Let's just say I'm now the designated pizza maker at home. Keep an eye on More Than Food and perhaps I'll share some of my newfound creations.


Read more from Darren on the More Than Food website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And if you want to see more of his everyday shenanigans, follow him on his personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

*Thank you Darren for appearing in this guest article. 

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