Guest Interview | The Chicest Blog, Perrnashka Govender

An engineer and now lifestyle blogger living in Gauteng

I am passionate about creating a happy and healthy life that’s affordable and chic, so I have created this blog to share my experiences, in hopes that it will help and inspire you.

To name a few, here you will find, healthy and sometimes indulgent recipes, fun things to do with your partner, beautiful travel destinations and reviews about latest movies, products and restaurants. There is something for everyone.

1.     What inspired you to write about food?

I absolutely enjoy cooking and baking. I love experimenting with different flavours but most of all the joy that comes with creating something with love that your family enjoys and appreciates. My inspiration comes from my families loves for food and openness to try new dishes.

2.     How would you describe your site to new readers?

My site looks very chic and you can tell by the pictures and colours of my background. They are black and white with accents of blush pink.  I have an easy to navigate site, where you will find links to my social media platforms that you can follow me on. My latest posts can be found on my main page so there’s no need to get into the archives unless you are looking for something specific. My writing style is descriptive and very laid back, as I want you to enjoy reading the piece not reach for a dictionary.

3.     What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?

Like everything out there this to has its pros and cons. I do eat organic food but not all the time as it is quite expensive. I rather consume a healthy diet of clean eating and little to no processed foods.

4.     You try a new recipe and it does not turn out the way you had planned, what do you do?

I definitely review my recipe and tweak it a bit so I may achieve a better overall flavour profile or texture the next time I try it.

5.     What are your three favourite ingredients? 

This is so tricky for me but I think I will have to go with:

Zucchini, chicken fillet and soy sauce

6.     What are you 3 worst ingredients?

cayenne pepper, cabbage and pineapple

7.     What is your favourite local restaurant? Why?

OEVERMEER BISTRO in Muldersdrift. The food is delicious; the views of the mountains, wildlife and the dam are breath taking. We had such wonderful and relaxed time when we visited this beautiful gem. I definitely recommend this place and you can read more about them on my blog under the tag OEVERMEER BISTRO.

8.     Give your top food blog that inspire you the most? 


9.     What’s the one super power you wish you had? 

If I could have one super power it would definitely be the ability to be a Jumper. So I could jump from country to country seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and trying different food.

10.  What is the most memorable dish that you have made?

A milk tart Swiss roll, it was the first time I made this and I was so scared the roll with break as I rolled it, but it turned out so good and it was so divine my family was actually fighting over it . I will never forget that fun memory. Will definitely try to find this recipe and post it to the blog.

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*Thank you Perrnashka for appearing in this guest feature. 

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