Guest Interview | Booty and Beauty, Mycaila Burgess

ABOUT MYCAILA: Cape Tonian born and bred, now married and a mum, living in Scotland. I blog about being a mum, my postpartum fitness journey, pregnancy, lifestyle and occasionally beauty. I try to put a humoristic twist on things and try to make things as relatable as possible. Im a down to earth kind of gal and love all fur babies as much as my own.

1.     What is the meaning behind your blog name?

The name Booty and Beauty Blog came from starting to blog about Fitness (booty) and Beauty (beauty)

2.     What inspired you to become a fitness blogger?

The current size of my bottom at the time 🙂 I also wanted to share my experiences with others – the highs, the lows etc.

3.     Aside from running your blog, what hobbies do you do?

I love photography and shopping – does that count?

4.     What are your favourite ways of keeping fit?

Incline walking with Harper (my daughter) in her carrier on my chest.

5.     What does your typical weekly workout routine look like?

Lots of cleaning (after my husband and baby – okay and maybe myself), cooking, looking after Harper, blogging, running the household and working out and finishing my last year of university. 

6.     How do you motivate yourself when you really don’t feel like exercising?

I always have to remember that the time will still pass, but if you don’t get up off your bum, then nothings going to change, besides the time.

7.     3 of your favourite gym/motivation songs?

Drake – Gods plan (How Gangster though)

Kyle Watson – take me out 

Kyle Watson – Pop up

8.     A lot of people want to tone up their abs at the moment, what is your number one move for this?

My favorite is russian twists and the bicycle 

9.     What is your favourite quote?

Remember that any exercise is better than no exercise!

10.  What advice can you give to someone who wants to start their fitness journey?

To set small realistic goals. Small weekly goals will help you achieve your overall long term goal. Get some good music and kill a workout, but ALWAYS listen to your body. 

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*Thank you Mycaila, for appearing in this guest interview. 

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