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ABOUT TAMMI: "As a 20-something blogger, I am under-qualified in most regions. My fitness level is below-average, my beauty knowledge is non-existent and I do not currently nor do I plan to have any children. So I centred my blog around my own lifestyle. The lifestyle of a poor girl. Events, products, travelling, pampering, getting fit, organizing my life and the books I love to read. All done on a skimpy budget with much enthusiasm (most of the time)."

1.    How did you first get into blogging? 

I've always wanted to write, and I read a blog from a Facebook contact, and realised that is something I could do right then. Nothing was stopping me from starting my blog. It started as just a place to put down my thoughts, and has progressed from there.

2.     How often do you blog?

Not as often as I'd like, but i try for at least once a week. More if my day job hasn't tired me out.

3.     Where do you find inspiration to blog?

Life. My blog is really my own take on surviving life, adulthood and such.

4.    Who is your style icon?

Hmm... my style is super lazy, like jeans and shirt is dressed up for me. I don't think I have an icon...

but maybe I should find one so that i can fix my wardrobe.

5.     Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

I got to meet and have an awesome pamper session with Marciel Hopkins. That really inspired me to keep reaching for what I want.

6.    What is your favourite beauty/fashion magazine?

I absolutely love Glamour and Cosmo, mainly for the goodies that they give you each month though...

7.     What are some of your current fashion and beauty obsessions?

I pretty much rebel against any current trend. I enjoy having my own uniqueness and hate it when I see 25 other people wearing

the same top just because it was all that the shops had in stock. So I guess my favourite obsession is individuality.

8.    Who is your celebrity crush?

Chris Pratt. No explanation needed.

9.    Coffee or tea?

Coffee forever.

10.  Favourite Olsen?


11.  Heels? Or flats?

Definitely flats. I was not born with the super power of walking in stilettos. I do however like the way heels make my legs look.

12.  Favourite MAC Lipstick colour?

I don't actually wear lipstick.

13.  What are your go to beauty products?

Primer and mascara.

14.  What is the one thing you will never leave the house without?

A pen.

15.  How many tattoos do you have? And what do they mean?

Nope, a little scared of pain.

16.  What is your favourite quote?

"Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life"

17.  What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I never went to High school. I studied at home until I was 17 and then I jumped into the working world.

18.  Who is your favourite local (South African) blogger?

There are so many that I find so inspirational. I do love The Boldest Type.

19.  What would you say is your biggest blogging challenge, and how do you overcome it?

Finding the time to sit and write. I work a lot in the evenings, and try to give myself at least one weekend a month that is dedicated to blogging.

I also battle to write if the house is dirty so sometimes I’ll sit down to write and realize first I need to sweep so Ill sweep, but then

I need to dust and mop and I end spending my writing day cleaning!!

20. What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?

Do it. Don't be intimidated by the name or the niche and all those big decisions. Start writing and you will absolutely figure it out along the way.

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*Thank you Tammi for appearing in this guest feature. 

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