I absolutely love the simplicity of this look. It is super quick and easy and doesn’t require all those hours of blending. I like blending, don’t get me wrong, but there comes a time when there is actually no time to sit down at the mirror and blend the crap out of some eye shadow. So I usually do this eye makeup when I want something a little bit more than just a simple wing. This is my go-to jazzed up winged eyeliner… and I love it.

To start off this eye look, you will want to prime your eyelid with an eyeshadow primer. Even if you want to skip applying any eyeshadow, the primer will at least keep the eyeliner in place.

I am then taking Naked from the Naked 1 palette and blending this through my crease.

I am then taking Flower Child from the tartelette in bloom palette and I am going to apply this to my entire lid. The reason I chose this colour is beceasue it is the closet eye shadow I have ever had to my natural skin colour and so it really looks as if I am not wearing any eye shadow but I still get great coverage on my eye lid. So if you aren’t as pale as what I am this colour isn’t going to be the one for you. You are looking to apply a colour that is very similar to your natural skin colour, and use one shade darker in your crease just to give it a little bit more definition.

I am then taking a liquid eyeliner pen and creating a small winged eyeliner. The one I have used is the Essence Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

I am then taking a gel eyeliner to line my tightline and my water line. This helps with filling in any areas that might seem sparse after you have applied the liquid eyeliner. The one I have used is the Essence long lasting eye pencil in 01 Black Fever.

I am then taking a small eye shadow brush and smoking out the gel liner on my water line.

It is then time for the glitter liner. I personally like glitter eyeliner pens so that I don’t have to create the mixture myself and then apply it. You can pretty much use any colour for this part. I applied this above the black line of the wing rather than on it. This way it makes your wing a little bit thicker and more noticeable. The glitter that I have used is in the colour peacock from L.A. Colors.

It is then time for mascara and I applied WOW! Volum-lash mascara. I found this mascara at a local beauty supply shop and bought it for using on my clients, but I actually found that I enjoyed it so much so I have officially kept it for myself.

Tyla van Til

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  1. I am not great at applying eyeliner so I often end up avoiding it all together. Really loving the colour of this one though, especially with the holidays coming up. Thanks for adding the images too, makes it a lot easier to visualize haha (and hopefully also easier to apply when I give it a go). Nice blog by the way.

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