I love rocking a funky winged eyeliner. Usually I add a little glitter but today I decided to change the colour completely. Now, I actually don’t own a red eyeliner so I had to improvise. I have a ton of liquid lipsticks and since most of them dry matt why not put them on my eyes as liquid eyeliner? 

It worked! 🙂

The trick that I used to create the eyeliner doesn’t only work with liquid lipsticks, but can be used with gel eyeliners and liquid eyeliners to create a perfect wing.

I started with a primed eyelid, and added a taupe colour in the crease to add some definition to the eye. From there I prepped my eyelid for the eyeliner.

Now I don’t have any winged eyeliner stencils so I make my own out of tape, by placing the tape along my lower lash line and over my eyelid to form a ‘V’. This way, the shape of a winged eyeliner is exposed and I can apply the liquid lipstick to it. Tape is known to pull makeup off so I remove a lot of the stickiness by sticking the tape to my skin and pulling it off a few times before I apply it to my eyelid. 

I then pat the liquid lipstick over my eyelid. Once I had covered all the exposed skin I peel the tape away. Now there are usually places that bleed and it’s something that can just be corrected. I correct anything that bleeds with a q-tip and some makeup remover. 

Now that the base of a winged eyeliner has been created, I use an eyeliner or eyebrow brush, dipped in the liquid lipstick, to better the look of the wing. I lengthened the wing and made the line on my eyelid thicker and rounded it. 

I then whacked on some mascara and boom, I rocked this cool eyeliner for the day. 

This trick can be used for all winged eyeliners. If you are not very skilled at doing a winged eyeliner yet, but love to rock them, I would totally suggest this tip. I used this trick while I was learning to create my winged eyeliner. It was a great way to create the base of the eyeliner and then I could add to it, and made doing the wing a lot easier.

Kat Von’D Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

Tyla van Til

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