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           I was recently gifted with this wonderful nail polish by my aunt. I do not live in the UK and so it is not easy to come by this polish brand in South Africa. I, therefore, asked my aunt to send me some and this is what I got in return. 🙂 A lot more than I was expecting (I was just expecting a bottle of polish) so when I got this whole package, I was super-duper excited and could not wait to try it out.


This is what the box looks like, and the next few pictures is of everything that comes inside this little box.


The bottle of polish, the foil glue, and a pack of foils. It also comes with instructions and a colour wheel to practice on.


These are all the foil colours that come in the box. I like the fact that you are given a lot of foil pieces and not just like 2 or 3 or each colour.


Now a review of the polish:


This picture just shows the name of the polish, and there is only one coat of polish on my nails at the moment.


The picture on the left is of just one coat of polish, and the picture on the right is after the second coat has been applied.


On the left is the result of my first foil attempt (left hand), and on the right is what the foil nail looked like 3 days later (right hand). This is my dominant hand and so I generally use it a lot, but I am very disappointed that the foil doesn’t last very long and that the polish chips so easily even though I had a top coat on. The foil started peeling off along with my top coat, and the nail became sticky so it got dirty and went brown. It is safe to say that I was very unhappy when this started to happen.


Another thing that I do not like about the polish is that the brush does not hold a lot of polish in it. It looks as if the brush holds enough product to apply to 2 nails but the brush will only last for 1 nail (and you can’t apply the polish thick).

Nonetheless, I think that this polish is a great addition to my polish collection, and I am happy with it. Now I cannot wait for summer to come so that I can paint my nails.

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!

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