The essence This Is Me lipstick in the shade Amazing (11) retails for around R46.95 at Dischem and Clicks. This price is not far off from the rest of their lipsticks and lip products. The This is Me lipstick range has a total of 20 shades.

Let’s talk packaging.

The lipstick comes in a beautifully simple and elegant rose gold lipstick tube with a matt white lid. The name of the lipstick is displayed on the bottom of the lipstick on a true-to-colour sticker. It has the iconic ‘e’ embossed into the shaft of the lipstick.

The packaging of this lipstick makes it clear that essence is moving towards a more premium and mature looking product. Perhaps they are trying to position themselves in a different market?

Let’s talk formula, colour and promises.

The essence This Is Me lipstick range is rich in formula with a high pay-off semi-matt finish. The range has 20 flattering nude shades that are perfect for all skin types, and to top it all off this range has not been tested on animals, is vegan and paraben free.

It is said to have a creamy application and to glide on smoothly with a great colour pay off, and even though it has a Semi-Matt finish it also moisturises the lips.

The lipstick does not claim to be transfer proof.

So did it deliver?

The lipstick definitely delivers on it’s promises. The lipstick has a creamy formula that glides beautifully over the lips. The colour pay-off is incredible from the moment you first put it onto your lips and does not require much effort to give you an opaque lip coverage.

The formula is definitely not designed to last on the lips day day and was completely gone after around 5 hours of wear with no reapplication. After reapplying I find that a lot of semi-matt and matt lipsticks tend to ball the remaining product on the lips, but the This Is Me lipstick in Amazing (11) did not do that. The reapplication was just as smooth and creamy as the first application for the day and the creamy formula definitely kept my lips moisturised during the day.

The lipstick is not transfer proof per se but I found that once the lipstick has dried on the lips, less of the product transfers onto cups and glasses, but the one thing that I did notice and though was great – the product did not once end up on my teeth.

The colour is very easy to remove at the end of the day and does not stain the lips.

The verdict.

I love it. The formula and creamy consistency reminds me very much of the Urban Decay’s Comfort Matt Vice Lipsticks. I think it is a very wearable lip colour that is in everyone’s price range. This is the only lipstick I own from the range, but I am so impressed that I might just go out and buy a few more from the range.

If you love a great nude lipstick that you can wear every day that has a favourable price point then this is definitely the product for you.

*Disclaimer: This post is entirely my opinion.

Tyla van Til

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