DIY Blue Beaded Necklace

I can’t afford to buy all the new flashy costume jewelry necklaces and so I decided to make my own. It is simple and cost efficient, plus I can make as many as what I like and I won’t break the bank. It is time consuming, but totally worth it. I love my necklace and wear it every opportunity I get.

With this idea, you can make a necklace that fits to your wardrobe instead of having to look for a necklace that matches it. image


What you will need:

1.Beads (and lots of them)

2. A chain

3. Pliers

4. Scissors

5. Clasps

6. Durable thread or gut

7. Necklace clasp

8. Craft rings



1. Gather all your equipment.

2. Thread 6 strings of beads (the length is your choice).

3. Clasp together the end of 2 string of beads (do this with all 6).

4. You will end up with 3 double strings.

5. Attach the 3 clasps and the one end of the chain to a craft ring.

6. Braid the strings of beads and attach the clasps to a necklace clasp and craft ring.


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