DIY Heart Pictures Room Decoration

       I love having my walls decorated with photos and posters, but I always just stick the pictures up as soon as I print them or as soon as I pull them out of the magazine. I never used to put the pictures up in any order, shape, or preference, so I thought that I would try it. I do not live on my own, and do still live at home with my parents (my life is easier that way based on the fact that I am still studying and only have a part time job so I cant afford any other way of living). So because I live at home, I cannot give house organization tips or things like that, I stick to what is in my room and make fun use out of that. My family is moving soon – into a house that we are having built – so I will be able to give the most amazing room decoration and organizing tips when the time comes, but until then I like to change my current room around.

I’m not going to explain my process in a lot of detail, or use this as a tutorial for room décor. I just wanted to show everyone how I made a change to the pictures that have been on my wall for almost 4 years now. The cluster started off with just a few photos and a lot of posters but ended up being no posters and a ton of photos, and I wanted to change the look completely.

I am OCD, and I truly feel that the way that I have now changed the pictures makes more sense and seems to fit with my personality a lot more than the chaos I had stuck to my wall before. I have waited a while to post this so that I could see whether or not I actually like the newly organized pictures.


This is what the pictures looked like before I took them down. Extremely untidy and not very orderly, which is not like me.


This is just the blank wall after I took all the pictures off.


This is where the pictures ended up. on the floor, in a big and organized (even though it doesn’t seem that way) mess.


I sorted through the pictures and found the ones that I liked most, and then started putting them on my bed in an order.


I created the design (a heart shape) on my bed first so that I wouldn’t have to make many changes to pictures that I had stuck on the wall already.


I took the pictures from my bed and stuck them on the wall with prestick. I stuck the pictures on in an orderly manner so not to mess up the design of the heart. My cat is always by my side, so I thought that I should show her to you. 🙂


This is what the wall looks like now. as you can see, I had to tweak the design a bit and add a few more pictures, because I didn’t stick the pictures up in exactly the same way as what they lay on the bed. I didn’t really mind the addition because I think that it still looks great.

Comment and tell me what you think of the design, whether you like it or not, or give me ideas on what else you would like to see me organize, change, or improve. Keep in mind that I am OCD so my organization tips might be useful (I might do an organizational tips post soon anyway – so give me some ideas on what you want to see). 🙂

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